"Nicolás Castillo is a great professional": Miguel Herrera

The arrival of Nicolás Castillo to America aroused all kinds of speculations, not only for his past in Puma, but also for the personality of the 25-year future and his earlier statements.

Miguel Herrera, however, said that there is a wrong picture of the Chilean and praised the work that Nico did during his first week in Coapa.

"Nico is not the person that everyone says, frankly, he's a great guy, he's a great professional, it's been a week and I realized"said the louse.

"Every day he arrives at 8:30 in the morning, he dresses, he goes to the gym, he does a bike, weights, he goes to massages, he eats, and when we start, at 10 o'clock, he goes and does the job, and then he goes to court and he makes it clear to me that the man is a great professional, the person also needs to be edited to be good. ", revealed the bluecream strategist.