No number 2, once 5 for victory against AEK Athens

Bayern can not convince in the Champions League against AEK Athens. There is not much left of the former dream duo Franck Ribéry and David Alaba. Only Joshua Kimmich stands out positively – the individual criticism.

MANUEL NEUER, NOTE 3: Most recently, almost every shot on the Bayern goal was a hit – without Neuer being able to do much for it. Hardly challenged against Athens, resolutely caught when needed.

JOSHUA KIMMICH, NOTE 3: The youngster had claimed "eggs" of himself and his teammates before the Kahn-game. And Kimmich, who again played right, followed his call. Spicy, with a large range and good flanks.

MATS HUMMELS, NOTE 4: Back in the starting XI, Süle had to go to the bank. Was the defense boss of the future spared for the blast of Dortmund? Hummels was sleepy at first, Lampropoulos almost capped after a corner (5.). The defense center did not seem sovereign.

JÉROME BOATENG, NOTE 4: played for the third time for the third time in the fourth Champions League-game of the season. Like Hummels, he had his problems. The timing in Boateng's actions was not good.

DAVID ALABA, NOTE 4: The former dream couple Alaba / Ribéry has a relationship crisis. Almost nothing is left of the harmony of former times. Alaba was not an offensive factor.

JAVI MARTÍNEZ, NOTE 3: Gave the one-man security service of the defense. In this role he is probably being used Spanish against BVB. Searched, sometimes in head duels, sometimes on the ground.

LEON GORETZKA, NOTE 4: AEK keeper Barkas sent his header just over the bar (7 & # 39;). Then the right foot of Goretzka was also repelled (55.). In the passing game with small mistakes, generally a little cautious.

THOMAS MÜLLER, NOTE 3: For Muller's loving wife Lisa, there was nothing to complain about: Kovac gambled on the world champion, James admitted. And behold, husband Thomas showed a rising form. Twice shot at goal (29th, 37th), ridden hard against the colleagues and ran for two.

SERGE GNABRY, NOTE 4: One of the best in the past games, this time unhappy. His flanks were rare, he acted a little stubbornly. As a counterattack when he overlooked Ribery (25).

FRANCK RIBÉRY, NOTE 5: The troubled Frenchman could not convince again. Almost indifferent, was only noticeable on a blocked photo (28.). Speed ​​and humor are the 35-year-old completely disabled. The body language is also bad.

ROBERT LEWANDOWSKI, NOTE 3: Ice cold, sinking the penalty to make it 1-0 in the upper right corner (31.). Previously fell on the ground after a light harvest. Failed Martínez passes Greek goalkeeper (61.), came together ten minutes later after a bend with acrobatic use. Has now scored 13 goals in 15 league matches.

RAFINHA, RENATO SANCHES AND SANDRO WAGNER came too late for an assessment.

This article was written by Maximilian Koch

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