"Oil and gas" Akinfeev. The most unexpected places to study Russian players

Igor Akinfeev

Anatoly Romanov
Anatoly Romanov

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"Oil and gas" Akinfeev. The most unexpected places to study Russian players

Oil and gas manager, fashion designer, journalist. In Russia there are players with such professions.


Igor Akinfeev

CSKA goalkeeper the magistracy entered Russian State University of oil and gas named after Gubkin in the direction of "management". It became known that Akinfeev was registered in the internal correspondence department, and 78 points scored on the entrance examinations. The highest result of those who enrolled in the direction of "management" – 82 points. Interestingly, Igor has already received a higher education. In 2003 he chose the Moscow State Academy of Physical Culture (MGAFK). Akinfeev graduated in 2008 and defended a diploma on the subject "Tactical and technical actions of the goalkeeper during a football match".

"I left the team because of injuries, do not look for a black cat in a dark room"

Igor Akinfeev became a student. And he did not comment on the situation with Kokorin and Mamayev.

Thanks, Igor Akinfeev! It was amazing

Igor Akinfeev announced his retirement in the Russian national team.

Andrey Arshavin

One of the most non-standard players in the history of Russian football was different from most of his colleagues in the workshop when choosing a university. Arshavin graduated from the University of Technology and Design in St. Petersburg. His specialty is a clothing engineer. Andrey studied at the faculty of technology and design of clothing, which he graduated in 2007. They say that Arshavin honestly attended lectures, practically sat on the sewing machine. The ex-Zenit diploma was called "Design of the production process of sportswear for outdoor activities."

Overweight and rastrenirovannost. Arshavin unhappy in Kazakhstan?

But recently he was named the best player in Kazakhstan.

Evgeny Bashkirov

Change your life a bit differently, the Krylia Sovetov midfielder could not play football now, but write about it. And how to catch drunk sports people. A resident of St. Petersburg – graduated from the faculty of journalism SPbGU. The subject of his diploma was the development of electronic versions of sports media.

"I went into journalism because it seemed to me that it is in this profession that I can realize myself," Bashkirov admitted. – Years of study have confirmed that journalism is really interesting for me. It contributes to the development of personality, self-improvement and also makes it possible to influence people in the future, to form their opinion. "

Two players "Wings" were held for alcohol and drugs. Are they bullied?

Bashkirov appeared to have alcohol in his blood, while Tigiyev found drugs.

Andrey Egorychev

The Ural midfielder stands out with creative solutions on the football field, with subtle accelerations. This is the case when a smart player is also a trained person. Egorychev graduated from an ordinary school with a silver medal. He then studied at the State University of Architecture in Voronezh. At the exit I received a red diploma. The subject of Andrey's diploma is "The project of a bridge over the river Oka in the city of Kaluga". In addition, he worked briefly after his university in the architectural firm, and he designed several elevated pedestrian crossings and an observatory in the Kursk region.

Daler Kuzyaev

Zenit & # 39; s midfielder and the Russian team are interested in economics. In 2017 Kuzyaev graduated from the State University of Economics of St. Petersburg with a degree in management of public and private companies. The theme of his work was called "Development of an innovative project in the context of limited resources". But Daler did not stop here and studied graduate school in the direction of "economy". According to the footballer, he does not try to miss classes – he trains in the morning and studies & # 39; in the evening. Perhaps at the end of a career the honored master of the sport goes to science?

Georgiy Tigiev

The Krylya Sovetov defender, hired by the Samara club until the end of the season with Spartak, talked about his studies in an interview for the championship:

"In Kostroma we first lived in a dormitory of the engineering college, three or four people in a room, we studied there, I have a diploma – a hardware / software debugger, and if I do not succeed in football, I go into my specialty. to work. "

Until last year, Tigiev was good at football. The most important thing for the young defender to avoid serious injuries and dangerous for the career stories such as those in which he was recently in Samara.

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The first major interview with Georgy Tigiev, a full-fledged Spartak player, is no longer rented out. And also the champion of the country.