Persepolis receives Kashima in the final part of the Asian Champions League

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Pirspolis welcomes Kashima in the final part of the Asian Champions League, stating the Super Koura site, on Saturday 10 November 2018.

The Azadi Stadium is the location of the upcoming match between Iran & # 39; s Club Perspolis and Kashima Antlers in Japan in the second stage of the Asian Champions League final..

The chance that Japan's Kashima Antlers wins the title of the Champions League this season seems the best, after beating Iran's Perspolis 2-0 in Kashima Soccer Stadium"He said.

Kashima Antlers from Japan, Silva and Serginho from Brazil scored in the 58th and 70th minute, and Iran & # 39; s Perspolis played the last minute with 10 man after Siamk Nemati was aired..

Kashima Antlers in Japan will have a scoreless draw or a 1-0 home defeat at the Azadi Stadium, the stronghold of Persepolis, to win the AFC Champions League title for the first time in their history..

When Kashima wins the AFC Champions League, it will be the second consecutive title for Japanese clubs after the red diamonds of Urawa were crowned last year at the expense of Saudi Arabia's Al Hilal.

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Source: Super Kora