Premier League predictions after a month

Premier League predictions after a month

The Premier League season has now been going on for about a month and some teams have already started to stand out as pioneers of the trophy, and others have started the season in bad shape. Liverpool, Chelsea and Manchester City all look like teams that can win the title, while Manchester United and Arsenal do not look very good.

The team that has looked the best so far is Liverpool. After the successful run last season in the Champion & # 39; s League and fourth in the Premier League, they look like a team ready to win.

Liverpool's biggest weaknesses last season were their goalkeeper and defense at the start of the season for their transfer for Virgil Van Dijk from Southampton in December. They relieved their weakness in the goalkeeper position by getting Alisson Becker, the former AS Roma and Brazilian national team keeper. Becker has only allowed one goal this season, which is great compared to how terrible Liverpool's defense last season was.

Their attack has also become astonishingly better. They still have one of the top three players to attack the ball with Mohamed Salah, Roberto Firmino and Sadio Mané, but they were able to make their midfield better by getting Naby Keita in the off-season, who helped the midfield get the ball to their playmakers. get faster and more effective.


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