PSG: Neymar goes "much better" according to Tuchel - Professional Football League

The German PSG coach Thomas Tuchel gave the news of Neymar Tuesday at a press conference.

The star of Paris Saint-Germain Neymar shall " much better His coach Thomas Tuchel insured Tuesday. The Brazilian got his first help with his right calf injury, making him unavailable until the beginning of April.

"He has much less pain"

"He has no pain, it is much better after this trip to Spain ", Where he started treatment at the end of January, the German engineer said on the eve of meeting Villefranche-sur-Saône (N1) in the 8th finals of the Coupe de France." He has much less pain for him and that is very important. It is necessary to find self-confidence He went on.

Neymar, who celebrates his 27th birthday on Tuesday, appeared with crutches at his birthday party on Monday, which included his teammates and coach. " It was his birthday, but on the one hand he is also very sad because he can not play with us. yesterday (Monday) it was also our duty to be here and to show him that we were together and that we supported him. It is important to him Tuchel explained.

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