Raheem Sterling got a bizarre penalty for Manchester City after kicking the ground

Raheem Sterling earned a bizarre penalty for Manchester City against Shakhtar Donetsk after he kicked the ground and fell over.

The referee Viktor Kassai was hampered and believed that the international English had stumbled without mercy by Mykola Matvyenko.

Shakhtar players surrounded the officers, disbelieving, but their complaints were directed to deaf ears.

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Raheem Sterling's boot picked up the grass and the defender was far behind him

The 23-year-old made a complete hash of his chip attempt from the goalkeeper

Sterling stumbled after kicking and got a penalty

Sterling stood with the goal to his mercy and Andriy Pyatov advanced to him.

The 23-year-old looked up and then tried a chip over the head of the goalkeeper. But his shot leg dug well behind the ball in the turf and the winger fell forward.

He got up sheepishly and must have been as surprised as the Shakhtar players that the punishment was given.

Gabriel Jesus put the penalty away to give City a 2-0 lead after David Silva had tapped the hosts in front from two yards out.

Sterling's kick in the turf was not noticed by the extra official behind the goal line

City already dominated the game and the decision brought Shakhtar against it

The side of Pep Guardiola dominated the game at the Etihad before they got a huge share of luck, and the manager himself even seemed to tell the fourth official that the wrong decision had been taken.

Steve McManaman had his opinion about the incident in the BT Sport studio. He said: & # 39; It was a comical mistake, a terrible mistake, whatever you wanted to call it. I did not think it was a penalty, it seemed like he kicked the ground because the defender is nowhere near him.

& # 39; I have sympathy for the referee, as Robbie says in his comment, to dictate his position that he does not have a full view of it. He has assumed that Sterling has been cut.

Steve McManaman insisted that Sterling was not responsible for the referee's decision

The goalkeeper Andriy Pyatov could not believe the decision to award the penalty

Pep Guardiola seemed to tell the fourth official that it should not have been a penalty

& # 39; I think the referee knew immediately. The reaction of everyone on the field suggests that it was not a penalty. No blame from Raheem Sterling, he kicks the floor and he falls over and it is not his fault that he got a punishment.

& # 39; I have no problem with that (Sterling did not tell the referee that it was not a pen). The referee made the big mistake, it is not Sterling's fault.

"Raheem also has no claim to a penalty, the referee gives it and has given it quickly. It is pretty comical. You do not want the game to be defined by that moment. & # 39;

Shakhtar seemed to see at least the funny side on their Twitter account.

Responding to the tweet from City claiming that Sterling & # 39; stumbled & # 39; in order to win the penalty, they said: & # 39; Tripped? Good joke, friends. & # 39;

Shakhtar seemed to see at least the funny side on their Twitter account