Rajon Rondo and the law of the former; Lakers beat Celtics with a basket in zeros - Medio Tiempo.com

TD Garden, Boston /

Partidazo in the TD Garden between the two most winning franchises in the history of the NBA. Lakers and Celtics they embarked on a duel that was determined by the law of the former actors Rajon Rondo, whose basket of the last second gave the victory 129-128 to Los Angeles.

From the past Boston, where he was champion in 2008, roundel took the ball after a stop under the basket and with unorthodox mechanics – but very effectively – managed the basket for the Lakerswho are fighting for a place in the Playoffs in the tight Western conference.

The one who had a monstrous night LeBron James with his triple-double of the year he registered 28 points, 12 rebounds and 12 assists, leader in all those categories for the Angelenos tonight.

Boston he went with an advantage in halftime 66-57, but nine triples from Lakers in the third period they played the game of infarction and that was the tone until the chronometer was in zeros.

For the Celtics, Kyrie Irving and Jayson Tatum they were the best scorers with 24 and 22 points respectively.


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