Raúl Jiménez does not know if he will play against Chile

The attacker Raúl Jiménez confirmed that he has not said "something" yet Ricardo Ferretti about his presence in the next friendly match against Chilibecause he in exchange for & # 39; 61 and & # 39; Tuca & # 39; rather called the "Europeans" who will play against Costa Rica They could return prematurely with their clubs.

"Maybe because we leave something on the bench today, maybe we'll play the next one, regardless of the decision, I'll take it the best way, either here on Tuesday in Querétaro or back and get ready with the team to handle the competition" , stated at the end of the game for the ticos.

Concerning his recent appearance at his club, the attacker of the Wolverhampton He said that he "should continue to work well" with the team at a good level.

"I'm doing well in England with my team and now send it here in the national team with young players, it just happens in the game, sometimes instead of kick first, you should know that a player will always be better placed you and you help him so that he can achieve the goals in favor of the team, "he said.

Although he participated for 39 minutes, the canterano of the America He stressed that with the young people & # 39; big things were done & # 39 ;, because & # 39; the whole game & # 39; they had possession of the ball and made use of the opportunities that the meeting offered them.

"We could have achieved a slightly larger result, but the most important thing is that we win and that we are happy," he concluded.


Raúl Gudiño

"(Tuca) He told me a lot of things, but I tried to be as calm as possible"

"One is always for the selection and it is the greatest achievement for someone to be in the national team, one is there and works"

"Keylor Navas is a reference for whom you have to learn a lot"

"That's what you win by working both in clubs and in the national team, you have to have your feet on the ground and work hard to raise your hand"

"There are great archers and you have to keep working like I always did"

Edson Álvarez

"Happy for the victory, for the development of the team, especially in the second half, at the end of the account we won the game"

"It was necessary, we needed it and we knew we had done well against the United States and it was important to the spirit"

"Tuesday is a very nice match with a lot of responsibility for it"

"Every time with more responsibility, but the trust of the teammates and the coach is incredible and we have to keep on responding"