Report .. Suspension suspended ... 5 historical facts forced Ahli to push back his threat

"We are awaiting a reaction from the Union on the reasons for postponing the match between Al Ahly and the pyramids in the league, Al Ahli club, confirming its respect for the sports system, when it receives official correspondence from the football association with In relation to the above, the whole situation will be studied in a way that reflects the legitimate rights of Ahli and En the laws in all competitions ".. A statement from the club Ahli about the recent crisis that broke out between him and the football association due to the players .

The Football Federation Competitions Committee announced the replacement of Al Ahli with pyramids in the competition for the Egyptian Cup on February 28, which was announced by the board of the Red Castle, rejected in a statement. (Click here to view the full statement).

Al-Ahly's latest statement shows the intervention of Ashraf Sobhi, Minister of Youth and Sport, and Hisham Hatab, president of the Egyptian Olympic Committee, to preserve the rights of all parties in the crisis of changes to the competition program and to determine new dates for the cup competitions.

Returning to history, we notice that more than one time witnessed the intervention of the state in response to Ahli's threat to withdraw from the championship for various reasons.

Murtaji is threatening

The match between Al Ahly and Zamalek in the championship in 1966, saw a crisis between the two teams after an objection from Al Ahli players to the referee Sobhi Nasir, who scored a goal for Zamalek for the snail next to the ball's exit the stadium.

Nasir canceled the rules and regulations were applied when Zamalek won the game 2-0 after Al Ahly went to the field.

Ahli led by Abdel Mohsen Mortagy – at that time – threatened to cancel the activity and stop the activity of the ball if the suspension decisions of the football association, represented by the president Abdul Hakim Amer, were not canceled

The crisis ended after the approval of the penalty, but with the suspension of the execution, which was approved by Ahli.

Ahli to establish Mahalla

In that period of the league championship in 1976 was a group system, Al Ahli issued his group and waited for the champion of the second group to determine where the competition was between Zamalek and El Mahalla.

The crisis did not directly affect Ahli in that season, but the crisis was in the game Ghazal Mahalla against Zamalek, where the first objected to the completion of the game after the fans of Zamalek played a game in the stadium and player Mahalla Omar Abdullah had laid his head and the game had to reign and the meeting had to cancel What did not happen to protest Mahalla.

The football federation did not do justice to Mahalla in that crisis and supported the decision to arrange the match to be decided by Mahalla to withdraw from the championship and was backed by Ahli, represented by club chairman Murtaji, to conclude the competition cancel the competition.

Solving the ballboard

Al Ahly refused to complete their match against Al Mahalla in 1988 after the referee canceled his decision to take a penalty for the Red team by objections from the latter.

The match between Al Ahly and Mahalla for the 3-round championship was closed. During the match, the referee received a penalty for Al-Ahli, who had to take on the rival's challenges, which meant that the referee had to question the observer of the match. supported.

Al-Ahly was at the time considered the loser of the match with a 1-0 score, which was welcomed by Salih Salim, head of the Red Fort, and announced that his activities would be suspended before the Minister of Sport intervened. Jouini.

A similar incident

Given the events in the crisis of 1993, it strongly resembles the current situation of current events.

Al Ahli refused to see the Arab Contractors postponed for the last matches – in accordance with the principle of equal opportunities – but the football association rejected Ahli's request and insisted on his position to keep the meeting on time.

Ahli was also in his position and did not go to the match to be accepted as a result of the encounter with the Red team with 2-0.

The situation is not over yet, Ahli threatened to withdraw from the championship to decide whether the Minister of Sport would intervene to dissolve the board of the football association and return the game.

Go to milking

In the big game of the season 2014-2015, the security authorities approved the match between Al Ahli and Zamalek at Al-Gouna Stadium, which was rejected by the management of Al-Citadel Al-Jumara, citing the bad ground that caused the injury of the player.

Prime Minister Ibrahim Mahlab intervened to resolve the crisis and the match was held in Alexandria and Al Ahli won 2-0, scored by Moamen Zakaria.

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