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Since Franck Ribéry ate a gold leaf steak, Germany discusses the menu of the Bayern star. Even Kassel experts shake their heads. But some also have understanding.

Until Retting sits at a table in the Renthof – and immediately removes illusions. There is no golden steak here. And also the cook remarks: "Gold leaf is tasteless." Means: It really tastes like nothing.

Roles can judge that. Before he worked in the Renthof, he worked in a restaurant with a Michelin star in the Oberpfalz, where he worked with gold leaf. He thinks it is more of a show, and in the case of Franck Ribéry, the professional football player of FC Bayern Munich, it is a provocation. He says, "I do not think much about it." So such & # 39; s steak is more for proll than for connoisseurs? "Yes." Yet there is a market for it, especially in Dubai, where Ribéry has dined. But: "There are certainly people in Kassel who want that," says Retting. The 29-year-old speaks from experience, because he knows that everything is necessary: ​​he has to prepare beef fillet for toddlers and a dog. "We have turned down the order for the dog."

He worked with gold leaf: to Retting, chef at Renthof.

© Andreas Fischer

The wish for a golden steak has been announced at Retting but still no one. One or the other could probably afford it. In Ribéry's case, the steak would probably be 100 euros, including the gold leaf. The rest of the alleged 1200 euros would be the price for art and preparation, which is complicated: "Foliage should be handled carefully." In this way the gold leaf – as ever – even comes as a decoration on desserts with chocolate.

Understand Ribéry: host Aykut Senli.

© Dieter Schachtschneider

Or else? Sven Wolf from the star restaurant "Voit" beckons the subject. And where else would there be golden fun in Kassel? Perhaps the person who calls himself Schnitzelkönig. Aykut Senli achieved some notoriety last year by participating in the Kabel 1 program "My Local, Your Local". He has already eaten at the Turkish star chef Nusret Gokcen, who prepared the golden steak for Ribéry, if not a golden steak, in the restaurant Gökcens in Istanbul. Senli says: "I am also someone who spends a lot of money on food, but more than 1000 euros for a steak would be too much for me."

He himself does not mind that Ribéry has eaten so expensive meat. "I'm not jealous at all, everyone he likes." Senli can also "fully understand" that Ribéry has reacted so angrily to his critics. "That's what I would do," says the restaurateur, who was noticed in the TV cooking show because of his self-conscious appearance. However, he can not imagine that he is selling a golden schnitzel in Kassel, which perhaps works in Düsseldorf.

He loves boys in football: host Kostas Vick.

© Lothar Koch

Speaking of Düsseldorf: there is still a demand for an institution. Bayern Munich fan Kostas Vick, the boss of the "Düsseldorfer Hof", says about Ribéry and his indecent comments on the remarks on the Internet: "You do not have to put everything on the golden scale, the man is a bit crazy. is good that such people are still in football. & # 39;

Vick regrets that many footballers are no longer typed nowadays. That's why he thinks the entire Gold Steak story is also very entertaining. "This is the winter theater in the Bundesliga." However, Vick can not imagine selling a golden piece of meat in his eatery. "That is unthinkable here."

So: no golden fun in Kassel. That is not true. After all, there are two large golden pears on Wehlheider Platz. By the way, there is a steakhouse in the neighborhood …

Alternative to raccoons

Golden Gummibärchen: There are fans from Bayern with Sven Bertel at Fan Point on Friedrichsplatz.

© Andreas Fischer

Customers of Fan Point at Friedrichsplatz, who personally experienced the Bayern star Franck Ribéry, have been very happy with him, says CEO Sven Bertel. Actually Ribéry is a funny guy, not lifted and ready for fun with his fans. This does not fit with the violent reaction of the player to steak critics, says Bertel. Ribéry could make and eat what he wanted. As a public figure and professional footballer, however, he had to deal with criticism with more confidence.

By the way, Bertel has a tasty and cheap alternative to the golden steak. In the Fan Point Bayern Munich are gummy bears, a master mix for 2.95 euro. The golden champion cup and the DFB Cup provide sweet experiences for Bayern fans.

Edible gold is so expensive:

Fine edible gold leaf is not that expensive. On the internet you can order the sheets, at Amazon there are ten sheets (23 carat, 50 x 50 mm) for 16.99 euros.

When you cook with gold leaf, you do not have to worry about it melting. The melting point of gold is 1064 degrees Celsius.

Not only Franck Ribéry made the headlines for a golden meal. Even the now deceased Walter Scheel has succeeded. Before his third marriage, the former Federal President had served a garnished with gold leaf saffron risotto.

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Franck Ribery

Franck Ribéry is a footballer from France, who has been under contract with FC Bayern Munich since 2007. He was born in Boulogne-sur-Mer in 1983. In 2007 and 2008 he was named soccer player of the year. In general he won the title of German champion eight times with the FC Bayern Munich.