Ron Rivera about the great loss of Panthers: & # 39;[Expletive] happens

The Carolina Panthers had to stifle a "humble pie" during the 52-21 loss of Thursday to Pittsburgh Steelers, but the team characterized the performance as more of an anomaly than a disturbing trend.

"At the end of the day this happens …", said coach Ron Rivera. "I'm going to say so, let's be honest about it, this is my 30th year in the NFL, I've seen some games like this, I've done some games like this on both sides.

"If you go over it and you start preparing for the next game, you give yourself a chance to prepare for the next game … We are a better football team than we have shown."

The Steelers' dominance during the attack on the way to delivering the biggest margin of the Panthers since 2016 was surprising since Carolina entered the game with the 12th ranked defense of the NFL. However, the Panthers have not been their normal self for the past seven quarters. After jumping out last week against a lead of 35-7 on the Tampa Bay Buccaneers, Carolina let them back into the game by giving up 28 points.

Against the Steelers, Carolina surrendered 457 total yards (319 passing, 138 rushing) by awarding 52 points, which tied most points in franchise history. Carolina's struggles in secondary education played a major role in the eruption loss. According to Pro Football Focus, the Panthers allowed starting cornerbacks 10 receptions on 10 goals for 174 passing yards, two touchdowns and 158.3 passer rating in coverage against the Steelers.

Although that is in conflict with the defensive track record of the Panthers, the team realizes that they should use the loss of Thursday as a learning experience.

"We also can not pretend it has not happened," Panthers said tightly, Greg Olsen said. It happened for a reason, it happened because we have to improve things.

"We have to correct this – this stuff just does not go away, we have to deal with a lot of things and get better, if you do not, it keeps hanging and you're in trouble. "

As far as Cam Newton is concerned, he was the first to admit that the Panthers & # 39; have gone mad & # 39 ;, but he does not doubt his skills after the loss.

"You ask my level of trust? Trust, me?" Newton said. "It starts with the inner self and I have the ultimate self-confidence, knowing that I have done a lot of work to ensure that the game day comes … I am ready to rock and roll."