Route du Rhum 2018: Gabart at the head, which day before the arrival?

Route du Rhum 2018: Gabart at the head, which day before the arrival?

ROUTE DU RHUM – François Gabart still leads the ranking of this Route du Rhum 2018 in the Ultimate category. The finish line can be exceeded during the weekend. Map, positions … The live news.

23:16 – François Gabart expected Sunday morning?

END OF THE DIRECT – Always at the head of the Route du Rhum 2018, François Gabart was this Friday, November 9 on the final score at 19:45 to 1,085.6 nm from the finish. As the team reports, Francis Le Goff, deputy director of the race, stayed Friday on his possible future arrival on the occasion of the daily broadcast on the Facebook page of the race. "The speeds have accelerated, it has been remarkable since this night, so we are not going to risk ETA right now. [estimation des temps d’arrivée, ndlr.] at the pontoon, but earlier at the Tête à l & # 39; Anglais, for Sunday at 6 am local time, or at 11 am in Paris, he said.

22:46 – "Breaking is nauseous," says Sam Goodchild

The 29-year-old English sailor, Sam Goodchild, went back on his mistake. "It's disgusting to break, it's more than a year of effort for just 36 hours of racing, when you think about the number of people that are participating, all this energy, but sailing is a technical sport." Wanted a boat without any problems, we could never win We're always looking for performance The suitcase is a possibility Now you have to come back stronger, it's easier to say than to do, but it's the goal I want to leave immediately, "he said, in comments reported this Friday on the official website of the Route du Rhum.

22:19 – The Cléac & h; h tells about his salvation

Aarmel Le Cléac & # 39; h returned for the first time on Tuesday on the Route du Rhum. "I do not know what happened, it was very fast, the float, or something else," he said, "it was so brutal and so fast that I was surprised, I did not expect that, of course. boat steps, it was not easy, I managed to go to the central hull and to return through the porthole planned for it, in the back, and thus to find me in the boat, in safety, to to be able to activate assistance and in particular the beacon of distress […] I called my team to tell them that I was on board and that it was okay, even though I had a painful rib, I was a little numb, but I was safe in the boat and I waited for help to get me up. pick up. It took a while […] After the organization of the rescue was set up with the various security organizations […] First I was picked up by the fishing boat, it was still a pretty warm time, because the sea and wind conditions had not really come to rest […] The captain was very good at maneuvering, the crew was great, they really helped me in this maneuver. "

21:46 – The surprising "big mistake" of Armel Tripon in the entire Route du Rhum

No, Armel Tripon was not downgraded. His problem is very different … "The big glitch is the lack of music!" The device that I had my playlist took the water and so now it is a boat without music. with the big conditions we had, it was not a problem, because it was not possible to listen … But here this morning, for breakfast on the terrace, I miss something honest! I do not know if I will only sing Gerard Lenorman to Guadeloupe. I might try to find something else, "said someone who drives the Multi50 Route du Rhum category.

21:18 – Which date of arrival for the winner of the Route du Rhum?

François Gabart, leader of the classification of the Ultimate in this Route du Rhum 2018, is currently best placed to be the first to reach the finish in Pointe-à-Pitre. It remains to be seen when … "It is not yet clear but it will be a priori Sunday night, said Thursday Jean-Yves Bernot, Gabart & # 39; s router, Sail and Sailboats site, everything will depend on the direction of Als once they come out of the anti-cyclone, they will have to knit, because they will be pretty under the wind, so it will depend if they do two or four gybes, six days, we have to forget.

20:38 – "We managed to say what we had to say about the difference," says Fabrice Payen

Forced to stop his Route du Rhum after the desmast, Fabrice Payen was necessarily "disappointed". Especially because "this start of the race started well, I had passed the 3rd depression and I was out of business, the cadena in the wind broke apart as if it were badly stuck." Structural fatigue, it is a disgrace, because the road promised to be nice, to feel the trade winds, "explained the skipper amputated from a leg, but temperamental:" We have managed to say what the We had to say about the difference and that the disabilities do not prevent us from being at the front – there are many people who support me, we continue, I hope to arrive in Porto on Sunday morning. "

20:14 – The positions on the Route du Rhum at 7:45 pm

At the end of the day, Friday, November 9 at 7:45 PM, François Gabart still led the race in the Ultimate category. At 1,085.6 nm from the finish, the Trimaran Macif is at 144 nm for Françis Joyon. Behind them is Romain Pilliard in third place, but remains at 1.993 nm from François Gabart. In the end Thomas Coville is still fourth. The skipper Sodebo Ultim & # 39; is now at 3 195.2 nm from the finish. It is at 2 109 nm from François Gabart.

19:52 – "It's a stroke of luck," says Fabrice Payen

The skipper of Saint-Malo, Fabrice Payen, was disguised on Thursday morning November 8th. Safe and good, the person who amputated a leg gave reassuring news on the official website of the Route du Rhum Friday, in the afternoon. "Everything is OK. […] My team will be with me in Porto. We have a place in the harbor to secure the boat there. Fortunately, I was very lucky. The fall of the mast did not damage the float or the connecting arm and I could drop it very quickly so that it did not damage the hull or the platform. It is a stroke of luck. "

19:07 – Why did Sam Goodchild have to stop the Route du Rhum?

Sam Goodchild arrived in the night from Thursday 8 to Friday 9 November in Lorient (Morbihan). The English navigator had been sailing since Monday, November 5, the day after the launch of the Route du Rhum, under the rigging of the fortune. Sam Goodchild was very quickly relegated to his Class40 Narcos: Mexico. Commenting on the official website of the Route du Rhum, Sam Goodchild says: "It was long, very long, the weather conditions were complicated with wind and sea, the boat was moving in all directions. I was just like in a washing machine".

17:57 – The Route du Rhum communicates about the popular success of the 2018 edition

In a statement released Friday in the late afternoon, the Route du Rhum looks forward to a very successful edition of 2018. 2 million viewers followed the start of this Route du Rhum on France 3 last week, 40,000 spectators were present, in Saint -Malo. The organization estimates that between 24 October and 4 November 1,350,000 people visited the village of Route du Rhum. From 8 November, 1.6 million users were counted on the official site and on the official map. The organizers of the Route du Rhum also quote an Odoxa-Groupama poll for RTL, which estimated that 13 million French expected to follow the race. On the eve of the start of this eleventh edition, media attention in France was estimated at 49 million euros on the eve of departure, "the equivalent of the overall impact of the 2014 edition".


The classification of the Route du Rhum 2018, in the Ultimate category, published at 19:45, this Friday, November 9:

The course of the Route du Rhum has remained unchanged since the start of the race: the departure is given from Saint-Malo and the arrival is assessed on the other side of the Atlantic Ocean, in Pointe-à-Pitre, Guadeloupe. In total, each boat has to cover more than 3,500 miles. Here is the map of the course:

The start of the Route du Rhum 2018 was given on Sunday, November 4 at 2 pm. The date of arrival has not yet been recorded. At the beginning of the race many observers were of the opinion that the winner could complete the Atlantic crossing in less than a week and would cross the finish line on Saturday 10 November. Maxi-trimarans in the Ultimate category seemed to perform better than Loïck Peyron, who set a new record in 2014 in 7 days, 5 hours, 8 minutes and 32 seconds. Nothing will be lost for the two contenders for the final victory, Francois Gabart and Francis Joyon, but the date of arrival is now scheduled on Sunday, November 11. The record could be played in a few hours.