Rugby: France - South Africa to watch live

In the absence of the 2019 World Cup, the XV of France can still aspire to that of 2023 with the generation of world champions younger than 20 years.

Where is the XV of France at less than a year of the World Cup in Japan? Good question, our "gentleman" rugby, Adrien Pécout gives you some answers here. SPOILER: Jacques Brunel has not made much progress since his arrival at the beginning of the year.

Hello all. It is cold and ugly in the Paris region this Saturday, but you are well warm to follow this France – South Africa from the kettle of Blanqui. We are ready to let you experience this historic moment: a victory of the rugby of the XV of France. The kind of event that does not happen – unfortunately – every day. The team of Jacques Brunel is still on four defeats in five games. She lost a small point in 2017 against the same Springboks. Moribund at the moment, the South Africans have done the cherry again since with a prestigious victory in September against New Zealand.