Russia has set a record for the World Ice Skating Championships. Why satisfied in our national unity?

11 World Cup skating medals – the best result of Russian athletes in the history of tournaments. According to the total number of prizes won, our team became second, behind only the Dutch. That is just in the medal table, our skaters are in seventh place. How did that happen? Of the 11 medals there are 10 bronze.

From the bronze medals of this championship, we can probably form an entire architectural figure. Unfortunately, we have one gold medal.

Konstantin Poltavets, Head Coach of the Russian Speed ​​Skating Team

The tournament for the world record holder at a distance of 500 m and the leader of the World Championship in this form Pavel Kulizhnikova. In his discipline Paul showed only the seventh time and gave 0.31 seconds, which was huge for five hundred points. won Ruslan Murashova new ice rink for taking pictures. Third place went to Victor Mushtakov, for the fourth Cha Min Gyu with 0.01 seconds.

On the last day of the competition, Kulizhnikov had the opportunity to still win a personal medal on a different profile distance of 1000 m, however, as coach Dmitry Dorofeev said, Pavel had a "system error": Kulizhnikov tangled the tracks and lost the advantage, driving one of the turns on straight legs. From Germany, Pavel removes only one bronze team sprint award, which he has received together with Murashov and Mushtakov.

Three times world champion in the truck and the current world record holder in this discipline Denis Yuskov can not even place the last World Cup in the asset itself. In his race Denis showed the best seconds for himself in the season, but this was only enough for bronze. Perhaps the reason was a quick start, Yuskov was not enough for the last meters.

Denis went over a bit with overclocking. For the rest, he actually showed his point. Yuskov keeps his level, but we see that the competition has increased at all distances, it is getting more intense.

Konstantin Poltavets

The third place was taken at the 10,000 m marathon Danila Semerikov, in a crazy race, 0.002 seconds from Patrick Beckert. thanks to the photo finish. After the award ceremony, Danila admitted that he hated this discipline and waited until his entire youth time to cancel it. Another third place that Semerikov won in the chase.

Bronze medalist Pkhenchkhana Natalia Voronina completed her medal collection with three bronze sculptures and became the third in all disciplines where she participated. At 3000 m and 5000 m the Czech master Martin Sablikov invariably became the first master of long distances. But Voronina is only 24 years old and next season a young Russian woman will put Sablikova in the battle for victory in the World Cup, rest assured! Natalya added bronze to the personal pursuit of the team.

In the women's team sprint was the third place Olga Fatkulina. Angelina Golikova and Daria Kachanova. Russian silver medal winners (Canadians) lost 0.05 seconds. The same 0.05 seconds, but not enough bronze Ekaterina Shikhovoy, which finally showed the fourth time at a distance of 1500 m Elizaveta Kazelina For the first time in history, Russia brought a medal in the massive start.

Now skaters have three starts in the calendar: the World Championships in the all-round sprint (Heerenveen), the World Championships in the all-rounder classic (Calgary) and the last stage of the CM (Salt Lake City). Only one year after the outrageous non-admission of Russian top athletes to the Olympic Games in Korea, our skaters were able to prove to everyone that they were absolutely not on the track for extras.

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