Sami Al Jaber: We will try to organize the next Asian Cup, but our goal is 2027

Planning officials for the Kingdom to appear strongly on the sports scene in the coming period

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Sami Al Jaber, advisor to the general authority for sport, stressed the planning of the strong image of the Kingdom in the sports world in the coming period.

Al-Jaber, who is responsible for Saudi Arabia's hosting offer for the Asian Cup, confirmed that he hopes to organize the tournament in 2027.

"Our goal is to organize the Asian Cup 2027, not 2023," Al Jaber said in the comments on television. "It is not difficult to offer a hosting file, but time is tight.

"For 30 years we have had a course between East and West Asia, but now we are talking about China and South Korea, we did not organize the Asian Cup in advance, but we organized the 2002 World Cup with Japan , but China has previously organized the tournament.

"We focus on keeping the Asian Cup 2027 because we want to deal professionally with how we plan for the future.

His Excellency, Turki Al-Sheikh, chairman of the General Authority for Sport, announced the award of the Asian Cup by the Kingdom.