Super-sub Romelu Lukaku: because the Belgian is the "new Solskjaer" of Manchester United

The Belgian national scored in each of his three presences under the provisional guidance, but his attributes do not lend themselves to leaving

In one of Ole Gunnar Solskjaer's first public messages to his players after becoming Manchester United's coach, the Norwegian insisted that there were some members of the team who would have to take their advantage in getting opportunities, however they showed up.

Famous as a super-sub during his 11-year period as a player with the Red Devils, Solskjaer scored 29 of his 126 United goals after coming off the bench, the most memorable when he scored the Champions League winner in 1999.

And it was quick to warn his players that some will have to become players for the team's cause.

"I do not think anyone has been on the bench anymore, this is always my return to the players," he explained. "You never know, you could come and make an impact and grab the opportunity when you get it."

And as he leads his United team to Wembley on Sunday to play Tottenham in his first top-six match, he is faced with the prospect of choosing between Romelu Lukaku and Marcus Rashford for a place in the main spot. dell & # 39; attacker.

The Rashford form of the delay was electric, and alongside Anthony Martial and Jesse Lingard was a key element of a frightening force of abundant attack of pace, intelligence and mortality in the face of the goal.

The Solskjaer effect was more summarized by the increase in United's traffic in the last third, and Rashford was like a man possessed by the new electrician.

But during his first five games in office, the manager had relatively easy in terms of making the call between the English frontman and Lukaku thanks to the absence of this last one for a compassionate vacation period.

Romelu Lukaku Manchester United 2018-19

Since returning to the club shortly before the start of the new year, Lukaku has played the role of super-diver in two league games, before being passed as one of the nine changes to the victory of the Cup of & rsquo; England 2-0 on Reading last weekend.

Scoring in all three appearances, the 75 million pound signature has given Solskjaer food for thought, but perhaps it worked both positively and negatively for Lukaku in his quest to regain his place as the first undisputed choice in the position number nine.

Under Jose Mourinho, Lukaku was for a long time the only player to consider the line. Just as he did with Zlatan Ibrahimovic in 2016-17, the Portuguese gave Lukaku a free reign to work at the center of the attack and held Rashford and Martial in a platoon for the left-wing spot.

But by demonstrating his effectiveness in coming to the bench in the Bournemouth and Newcastle games in the New Year period, Lukaku may have made a backbone for his back. Because while Rashford looked like a new man thanks to the faith entrusted to him by Solskjaer, the Belgian national did not do enough in his general game to suggest that he can play the most amazing role that his new manager is eager.

The sharp and orderly style of United under Solskjaer needs more than a heavy first touch Lukaku around the 18-yard box. When the full-backs are urged to go more often to deliver balls to the center, you can not get caught on the sidelines as often happens with the former frontman of Chelsea and Everton.

Ole Gunnar Solskjaer to replace

Right now, Solskjaer's football style, does anyone still call him Ole-ball? – requires a Rashford rather than a Lukaku in the final third. Lukaku remains a good option to shoot if United needs something different as happened in Newcastle last week, but can not claim to have too impressed in terms of his all-round play under the new boss until now.

There's always a spotlight to consider when a manager makes the decision to put an expensive footballer on the bench, but at this point he can not even get into the equation, and from his first weeks of opening up to the Old Trafford Solskjaer does not seem like the kind that allows such a thing to get into his thoughts.

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What he needs is to find the best way to overcome the Sunday Spurs, and it seems unlikely he can play Lukaku's needs when he can make Rashford play United's needs much more effectively. In many ways, now it should be considered in the light in which Marouane Fellaini has enjoyed under Mourinho – when there is a need for a new approach, Lukaku is your first point of reference.

It's a role that Solskjaer knows all too well and, although he might be a little grating for Belgium's number one striker if he continues to be on the bench every week, this is the reality of his situation in this moment.

All he can do is do whatever Solskjaer is asking him and then his chances will come. But as for Sunday, it must be Rashford who continues to lead United's new dawn under their child-faced head and Lukaku, who is left to make the kind of impact that made his manager a legend.