The bulls must remember how they can get the ball back. Conformity assessment against Bayer

Sports columnist Alexei Andronov – on the first match of the 1/16 finals of the Europa League, in which Krasnodar and Bayer played a draw.

Alexey Andronov

Alexey Andronov

– The result 0: 0 must be considered as perfectly acceptable for the first match. At the same time it makes a discount on the fact that the Germans have not started to win at all costs. They keep an eye on the home game, of course, assuming they take advantage of the practice. It seemed that they were waiting too much for the mistakes of Krasnodar, so they could not score a goal, which Peter Bosz counted on.

In general the start of the race was astonished. Krasnodar began as if there was no winter break, at a good pace, and immediately began to approach the Hradetski gate. It even seemed that Bayer had precisely controlled the ball to stop the bouncing of the hosts.

Murad Musaev admitted at a press conference: his team played more vertically than before. I would add – and the ball "Krasnodar" pushed forward sharper and faster than normal. Of these, by the way, and very unusual numbers on the ball. According to various sources, the bulls controlled it from 29 to 34 percent. This is related to a smaller number of drawings before the opponent's penalty area (without Ari it was difficult to do), but also with the actions of Bayer.

And besides, you can be sure that Leverkusentsy will try not to give the ball in the return game. They love this football, they know how to play it, and now they also understand that the opponent is dangerous when he has the ball. It seems to me that Musayev must come up with a recipe within a week to bring the control to at least 40-45 percent.

There is no way without Ari. The complexity of his damage is unknown to us, you can only rely on the words of the coach that the participation of the Russian Brazilian in the return match is possible. But still, without him the size of the offensive line is completely different, Ignatiev goes to the midfielders to play the ball much less often.

Most likely, Krasnodar will definitely have to score in the return match. The score 0: 0 on this, let's say, motivates. To do this without holding the ball is difficult for the bulls. Although they created their most dangerous moment in the home game after the counterattack, Olsson did not have enough calm to finish.

By the way, about Olsson. He made an impression of a reasonably confident player, very suitable for Krasnodar, both mentally and technically. Of course, while the Swede can not boast absolute mutual understanding with his partners, he fits the general style of the game. In the second game he has to be more daring. Unrealized moment – it can happen to anyone.

In the second game Gazinsky and Ramirez also return to Krasnodar, so that Bayer can see a completely different opponent. Ramirez generally played in Germany and for him this confrontation was certainly, if not particularly important, especially interesting.

In general, the degree of readiness of "Krasnodar" was pleasantly satisfied, especially against the background of what was seen two days earlier by "Zenith". Southerners were able to maintain a reasonably good pace and they only started to tire 20 minutes before the end of the race. You should not show off the recent results of "Bayer" and for example remind you of a victory over "Bavaria" (3: 1). Another tournament, another opponent, a different mood. But, I think, Peter Bos not only got a lot of impressions from the stadium (which he spoke easily during the press conference), but also realized that the opponent was not as simple as it seemed.

Of course Bayer plays at home more openly and aggressively. It is possible that a slightly different composition. It requires power of mind and a lot of attention. Musayev was asked after the game for the unsuccessful game on the road, the coach replied that the match against Standard was one of the best.

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We remember her. And in Leverkusen the bulls can not repeat half of the mistakes they have made. In general, optimism is enough to look to the future. Especially when Ari returns. It is not known whether Sven Bender can play in a week. The "trauma man" left the field in Krasnodar only with the help of doctors.

The most important result of the first meeting of the teams is the realization that nobody needs to be afraid of this. The players of the German club have two arms and two legs in the same way, while Krasnodar has everything to play at least on an equal footing.

Every effective draw is now in our favor. So do not be timid.