The chargers are still spectacular in Los Angeles

The chargers are still spectacular in Los Angeles

New year, the same story for the Los Angeles Chargers.

The calendar has changed since their humiliating first season back in LA, but on Sunday we have seen that nothing has changed for the most irrelevant franchise of the NFL. After months of spinning to hear from the Spanos family about how great it was in Los Angeles, the truth was clearly visible in week 1 at the StubHub Center.

It is impossible to ignore, deny or dress up this mess. No amount of lipstick (or tarps) can make this pig look better. It is indisputable at this point: the chargers are nothing short of a disgrace to the NFL and continue to fail spectacularly in Los Angeles.

Throughout the summer, the Chargers were hyped as the favorites in the AFC West and they had a sexy Super Bowl pick-up. It is easy to understand why. The Bolts have a selection full of talent, real stars in Philip Rivers, Joey Bosa and Melvin Ingram and a young stallion defender in the first round, Derwin James. So how did they look so bad on Sunday in a 38-28 loss for the Kansas City Chiefs?


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