The former manager of Man Utd, José Mourinho, suggests the next work

Jose Mourinho says he would not be against his next managerial position in France.

The former Manchester United manager, who lost his job at Old Trafford on December 18 after overseeing United's worst start in a championship campaign in 29 years, insists he is thrilled to work in a new championship.

Mourinho won titles in England, Spain, Italy and Portugal and suggested he would be interested in a new job after "two or three months".

The Portuguese has been spotted alongside the former US analyst, Giovanni Cerra, in the French game, Lille's match against Montpellier on Sunday afternoon.

"I can imagine myself as a coach in Ligue 1", Mourinho, who previously rejected the speculations that linked him with the Portuguese Benfica, said he was IN SPORT.

"I am a man who has worked in four different countries, I like to know and learn about other cultures and working in a new league would be a fantastic experience.

"For now I'm quiet, I try to live better with my family and friends and work to have the right opportunity to return to training.

"From two to three months [without a job] okay, after it's harder. I hope to have the opportunity to come back stronger.

"My project is my project as a person and coach, to improve myself, to be better, to think about my profession every day, which is also a passion, but it is not the time to talk with the clubs".

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