The heartbreaking confession about Lionel Messi after the loss of the Copa América 2016

The worst moment of Lionel Messi's career came undoubtedly after the Argentinian team lost in penalty & # 39; s the final of the Copa América Centenario in 2016, after tie 0-0 with Chili in the regulatory time. The image of & # 39; Leo & # 39; crying, the world passed.

Elvio Paolorosso, former physical trainer of Gerardo Martino in Barcelona and in the Argentine national team, said that after that match in New Jersey he found he Lionel MessI "cried like a baby who lost the mother", and that it was the most painful to lose a title for the third consecutive year.

"The costumes after the America Cup It was very painful, but the worst came later, "he began. At 2 o'clock in the morning, more or less, I go to the props, I think Lionel Messi, alone, absolutely alone, crying. I could not do anything. I hugged him and we both wailed, "said Paolorosso in an interview with Jogo Bonito.

"I hear that they sometimes punish him Lionel MessiThey say he will go to Europe later and he forgets that he has money he enjoys. And he lay there, without anyone being able to comfort him. Only, absolutely alone ", added Paolorosso, who also said:" the players always try to do their best in the national team, but they get more and more charged ".


Lionel Messi cries after losing the Copa América 2016.


After that frustrating final against Chile, Lionel Messi decided to abandon the Argentine national team. Although a month and a half later he retired and returned to Uruguay for the elimination, in a match in which he scored the winning goal.