The Las Vegas police are demanding DNA from Ronaldo, accused of rape

The affair sent Juventus to the Milan Stock Exchange and caused serious concern to CR7 sponsors - the nickname and brand.
The affair sent Juventus to the Milan Stock Exchange and caused serious concern to CR7 sponsors – the nickname and brand. MASSIMO PINCA / REUTERS

The Las Vegas police have asked the Italian authorities to take DNA samples from football player Cristiano Ronaldo, who in June 2009 was accused of rape by a young American woman who had met in a club, Thursday 10 was reported. January from corresponding sources.

However, a Ronaldo lawyer in Las Vegas, Peter S. Christiansen, felt that this was the procedure "More classic". "Mr. Ronaldo has always maintained, still the case today, that what happened in Las Vegas in 2009 is of a consensus, so it is not surprising that DNA is present, or that the police make this request of the most classical the context of her research does "he said in a short statement to AFP.

"The Las Vegas police are taking the same steps for this case as for any other sexual assault to obtain DNA evidence, and we confirm that an official request has been made to the Italian authorities" to get a DNA sample from Juventus & asterisk, the police said in a statement to AFP. "Since this is an ongoing investigation, we do not have any additional information or comments to make immediately", concludes the police, who reopened the investigation into the Portuguese footballer last fall.

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Forced sodomized

The Wall Street Journal revealed Thursday that the Las Vegas police had sent the Italian judicial authorities a request to obtain a DNA sample from the stars of Juventus. The young woman, now 34 years old, claims in a bourgeois case filed in Las Vegas that the footballer sodomized her on 13 June 2009 vigorously in her hotel room, refusing her claims and protecting the sex of his hands.

Ronaldo was about to move from Manchester United to Real Madrid for the world's most expensive transfer at that time. He would have invited her into her suite to party with other people.

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"Pure inventions"

According to the lawyers of Mme Mayorga, the complainant had indicted the alleged rape to the Las Vegas police and soon after underwent a medical examination. After this evening, one "Private mediation" was organized with representatives of Ronaldo, the complainant and her lawyer at that time.

After discussions described as very trying for the young woman, a financial transaction was concluded, which granted the payment of $ 375,000 in exchange for absolute confidentiality over the alleged facts or the agreement, as well as the abandonment of each procedure.

For current M lawyersme Mayorga, this agreement is invalid, mainly because of the psychological condition of their client at that time and the pressure that was exerted on her. "Cristiano Ronaldo does not deny that he has agreed to conclude an agreement" but "The documents that are supposed to contain statements by Ronaldo and that have been reproduced in the media are pure inventions", the lawyer of the player had indicted, pointing out "This agreement does not constitute recognition". "He is now involved in some sort of lawsuits that are very common in the United States"Mr Christiansen added in October.

"A horrible crime"

For his part, Ronaldo had "Powerful" denied these accusations and explained that rape was for him "A horrible crime", sue on Twitter a case mounted by "People who want to advertise themselves" at his expense.

The case had plunged Juventus to the Milan Stock Exchange and caused great concern to the sponsors of CR7 – its nickname and brand – one of the highest paid and most profitable athletes in the world.

According to the magazine Forbes, CR7 is one of three athletes to whom Nike has awarded a contract for life, alongside the NBA stars LeBron James and Michael Jordan.

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