The LSU vs. Auburn 2018 live blog

The LSU vs. Auburn 2018 live blog

The kick was not nice and there was not much for LSU during the 22-21 victory over Auburn. But most importantly, the Bayou Bengal has won the Tiger Bowl.

Cole Tracy's 42-yard kick puts the exclamation mark on a comeback of 11 points. Although this game is known as absolute bonkers, it was a much better performance.

Even the last ride was just LSU making it possible. They converted to two thirds downs and a quarter lower. Auburn had two precious pass-throughs that were called against them-which was the right call.

For the second year in a row, Auburn was unable to close the door for their rival in the SEC-West. But this time it was because LSU could hang around everywhere, instead of wiping out a mammoth shortage last year.

LSU 22, Auburn 21

Game. Bayou. Bengals.

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