The LSU vs. Auburn 2018 live blog

The LSU vs. Auburn 2018 live blog

The kick was not nice and there was not much for LSU during the 22-21 victory over Auburn. But most importantly, the Bayou Bengal has won the Tiger Bowl.

Cole Tracy's 42-yard kick puts the exclamation mark on a comeback of 11 points. Although this game is known as absolute bonkers, it was a much better performance.

Even the last ride was just LSU making it possible. They converted to two thirds downs and a quarter lower. Auburn had two precious pass-throughs that were called against them-which was the right call.

For the second year in a row, Auburn was unable to close the door for their rival in the SEC-West. But this time it was because LSU could hang around everywhere, instead of wiping out a mammoth shortage last year.

LSU 22, Auburn 21

Game. Bayou. Bengals.

Auburn 21, LSU 19

This is what happens when you do not close the door to an opponent. LSU connects to this touchdown of 71 meters and after a failed two-point conversion, the Bayou Bengals are at a very short distance.

Auburn 21, LSU 13

And now it is Auburn's violation that has come to a standstill. LSU & # 39; s defense is high and forces a long field goal attempt by AU, and it is missed.

Auburn 21, LSU 13

The Bayou Bengals hang around, but Auburn had one huge stop close to the goal line to keep LSU at three instead of seven. On a third down which was ultimately an incompletion to force the field goal, Joe Burrow set off.

Auburn 21, LSU 10

Joe Burrow has completed only five of his last 15 throws. That is not great.

Auburn 21, LSU 10

These are now three consecutive disks (regardless of kneeling to the end of the first half) with a touchdown for Auburn. Jarrett Stidham had a nice pitch that worked over his body to keep it close to the goal line.

Auburn 14, LSU 10

What they said …

Auburn 14, LSU 10

We'll go to the break in Jordan-Hare.

Auburn 14, LSU 10

Two impressive TD driving in a row for Auburn. This offense is really here after a slow start. A 75-yard drive and a 66-yard drive back-to-back.

LSU 10, Auburn 7

Not so suitable for LSU. This initially incredible catch was considered incomplete but a preprocessing was called the passer-by. It was the third place and the drive was extended instead of stopped. Auburn lives to beat another on this ride.

LSU 10, Auburn 7

It took some time to set off for Auburn, but that is a blueprint Auburn 2018 ride. To attack the perimeter of the field and use the tempo to get LSU out of position for chunk wins.

LSU 10, Auburn 0

This is true for the Bayou Bengals. A 33-yard field goal connects Cole Tracy.

The Auburn attack so far has at best kept a low blood count. They have failed on three all three downs and now have a 3.7 yard-per-play clip.

LSU 7, Auburn 0

LSU misses a 48-yard field goal with 28 seconds left in the first quarter and Auburn takes over with a fairly good field position.

LSU 7, Auburn 0

A big stop for the defense of Auburn. Javaris Davis had good coverage against Jonathan Giles on a deep lob on the third and 18th place just in the midfield.

A touchback comes to the point with an illegal blocking of Auburn for driving a tip cover out of bounds. Jarrett Stidham and friends start their tenth.

LSU 7, Auburn 0

LSU's moving, but an enchanting catch by Justin Jefferson along the left sidelines is being reviewed. When it stops, LSU gets 31 yards and is on the Auburn 40.

And update: Yep, that's a trap. Things are good for LSU.

LSU 7, Auburn 0

Auburn bones and LSU starts on the 31st with a touchdown lead.

LSU 7, Auburn 0

Grant Delpit is such a game maker. The second LSU strong safety, which Jarrett Stidham selected on Auburn's first ride, threw a ball loose from Auburn's Ryan Davis with a heavy blow. Officials called it an incomplete pass, which seemed generous to Auburn.

This was Delpit's choice for the second attacking game of the game:

And this was the touchdown of Clyde Edwards-Helaire that followed:

LSU 7, Auburn 0

That is a good start for LSU. Grant Delpit has intercepted Jarrett Stidham during the second module of the game …

… and the LSU attack went 34 yards in nine plays to unlock the score. Clyde Edwards-Helaire collapsed from a garden to end the short ride, after Nick Brosette had taken three portals earlier. Joe Burrow was 3-of-4 for 27 yards on the mini-series.

LSU 0, chestnut brown 0

LSU & # 39; s Avery Atkins started the game with a touchback. They are on their way.

Last year's confrontation between Auburn and Louisiana State pushed LSU head coach Ed Orgeron off the hot seat and back to the Tigers' by-line for 2018. Another victory, this time in Alabama, could be his biggest with the program so far .

LSU came back from a 20-0 deficit to stunning Auburn last season, giving Orgeron a complete reprieve after losing a few weeks earlier to Group 5 enemy Troy. The Tigers do not have a comparable bet on Saturday; they are 6-2 since that comeback wins, with their only defeats in that extension against playoff-members Alabama and Notre Dame.

Each team is looking for a second signature victory after defeating the top 10 enemies to start the season. LSU won by sending an over-matched then-nr. 8 Miami team in a 33-17 rout. Auburn had a little more trouble with then – No. 6 Washington wins in 21-16. Whoever finishes the victorious Saturday of the field, has the privilege to use a College Football Playoff bid – although everything can happen in the sharks affected by the SEC.

  • Time: 15.30 ET
  • Place: Jordan-Hare Stadium, Auburn, AL
  • TV: CBS
  • streaming: SEC Live, fuboTV
  • Opportunities: Auburn has a 9.5-point preference.

This is not a rivalry that builds on mutual respect, it is a rivalry built on the cold-blooded calculus of winning the conference. Auburn is nothing more than one of the largest traffic cones blocking the highway to Atlanta. Bama returns to the foreground and is certainly annoying, but it has also robbed the LSU-Auburn rivalry of a certain pit. I mean, we still hate the false tigers on a general principle, but they are no longer the biggest bully of the profession.

Again, Auburn is the little brother. Hey, they won the SEC last year. Do you know who cares? No one. Hell, even the fans of Auburn do not care. Bama still made the playoffs and won the national title and Georgia worked out brutal revenge in the SEC Championship Game. Auburn was then unable to complete the simple task of confining UCF with regard to their national property claims. You can not count on anything for anything.

Can Jarrett Stidham emerge as a real Heisman contender?

Stidham has been very solid for Auburn since the move from Baylor, supporting a passing attack that was not always a strong point on the plains. The quarterback sparkled in his first season with the team in 2017 and pitched for more than 3100 yards with an 18: 6 touchdown: intercept. The last Tiger QB to do that? Dameyune Craig in 1997.

But the junior has his warts, and Clemson proved that he can be wiped from the statute with a dominant pass-rush in the autumn. That is good news for LSU, who produced nine bags this fall in two games this autumn – the second most team bags in autumn this fall. If Stidham can overcome the pressure of the Tigers and compose another strong match against a ranked opponent, he will continue his ascent of the ranking of the Heisman Trophy 2018.

S & P + ratings such as LSU (12th) more than Auburn (18th), although both teams were dinged for playing lesser opponents after confirming Week 1 victories. The preseason predictions see this as a victory of 11 points for the home team.