The Manchester United legend about why "sad" Jose Mourinho failed at Old Trafford

The Manchester United legend, Peter Schmeichel, says that the negativity of Jose Mourinho is above all the cause of his downfall at Old Trafford.

Mourinho has won the EFL Cup and the Europa League at United, but has become increasingly bitter towards the end of his time with the club.

Schmeichel was talking about beIN Sports when he discussed what went wrong for Mourinho and why United had no choice but to separate from the 56-year-old.

"I think the biggest problem we had with him was communication with the world," Schmeichel told beIN Sports.

"He represented Manchester United and it was not good, it was very negative and in a way it was a bit sad.

"There are millions of Manchester United fans around the world, many of whom live in the club and have to be inspired by the manager."

Schmeichel added that Mourinho's problems were not a recent trend before his dismissal on 18 December and rather a problem that can be traced back to before the start of the campaign.

"This year for some reason it all started in pre-season, it was a little pushed or pressured for no apparent reason, even before it all started," added Schmeichel. "The way he communicated during press conferences or interviews, he realized that he was not comfortable with his life.

"I've been talking since the beginning when they signaled me for the pre-season, it may have been on the transfers, I do not know, but there was something wrong and he had to quit because it was not working for him ".


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