The Russians won another "golden" World Cup in Sofia

The Russians won another "golden" World Cup in Sofia

At the World Championships in Rhythmic Gymnastics, which are held today in Sofia in Bulgaria, three sets of medals were played on Thursday. And in all forms of exhilarating Russian athletes.

The main hero of the start of the tournament was Dina Averina, who won gold medals in ball and ring exercises. 20-year old gymnast, became a five-time world champion, but she obviously did not stop this.

Yesterday started for her, as well as for Arina Averina and Alexandra Soldatova of the victory in the team championship. Here the best are determined by the results of the qualification in four separate types of all-round. Summarize all the estimates received by three athletes, but without considering the two worst ones. So, in the offset, not two versions by Arina Averina went into exercises with tape and clubs. Well, the total score of the Russian team is 161,325. Even before the official completion of the qualification, our girls became inaccessible to the rivals and accepted congratulations for the next "gold". The second place went to the hostess of the competition – Bulgaria (150,975) and Italy (147,550) took third place on the podium.

Moreover, according to the results of the qualification, Din Averin and Alexander Soldatov reached the final in individual all-round. Here the best three scores of four are taken into account and Averina was out of the competition again – 60,800 points. At Солдатовой who became second, – 60.275 points. Medals are played here today.


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