The Texas Rangers sign Matt Davidson for a minor deal

The Texas Rangers have signed the intriguing Matt Davidson with a minor league contract.

The Texas Rangers are heading towards 2019 with a major hole on the left side of their field. The future Hall of Fame Adrian Beltre has gone, bringing with him his defense Gold Glove, powerful bat and retired funny personality. In response, the Rangers signed Asdrubal Cabrera with the idea that he would become the third major baseman in 2019.

However, Cabrera generally worked more like a utility man than strictly a third baseman in recent years. As such, that position could still be up for grabs if a player makes an impression during spring training. A player like Matt Davidson, who the Rangers signed for a minor league contract.

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Last season Davidson had his best season in the majors as a hitter, producing a batting line of 0.222 / .319 / .419, worth 103 OPS +. While he struck 165 times in his 496 pot appearances, he hit 23 doubles and 20 homers, while he showed an improved beat eye. A potential option for both the first and third bases could be an intriguing bat from the Texas bench.

Still, that power bat is not the only reason Davidson is such an interesting player. The Rangers will allow him to develop as a two-way player, giving Davidson the chance to build on the three innings that they shot last year. Texas also needs help for the bullpen and even Davidson may be able to contribute.

For a team looking for long-term parts, Davidson could end up being part of the future of the Rangers. He is still under the control of the team for another four years and has not yet reached an arbitration. Davidson could be an answer for Texas.

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The Texas Rangers have signed Matt Davidson with a minor league contract. It could end up being one of the offseason deals.

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