Tigers Stadium Project will be looking for NFL changing rooms

MEXICO CITY – The new Tigres stadium project will include changing rooms that meet NFL specifications and become an option to host football matches, said the NFL director in Mexico. Arturo Olivé.

"Learning what happened to the Azteca should actually be the size of the changing room, the changing rooms for football are small compared to what is required for football and one of the advantages of the Tigers project is that they try to to use changing rooms of this size that are needed, "he said.

The manager said that having the locker rooms with regulatory measures gives an advantage over other properties.

"What we have done in the Azteca is to build custom changing rooms that are needed for the NFL and this is what is needed.Aside a surface that supports the frequent use of the Azteca, we therefore follow the stadium of Tigres closely and once it's built, we'll see the square so that it can host NFL games, "he said.

Olivé noted that the only contract currently held by the Mexico competition is at the Estadio Azteca, but he assured that the following real estate of the felines could become an option after 2021.

"We have only one game in contract until 2021 in Mexico City, we closely follow the development of the new Tigres stadium in Monterrey and we are open to various opportunities that can be presented, we have seen others like Guadalajara with the people from Chivas, but today we only have a contract with Mexico City, "he concluded.