UEFA Champions League: Tottenham must watch out for Jadon Sancho

English can be a real threat to the Spurs backline …

The qualification of Tottenham at the knockout stages of the Champions League was no less than a saga in itself. The London club failed to win any of the first three games and left it too late to confirm the qualification.

The Spurs had to wait until '85 for Lucas Moura to cancel the first goal of Ousmane Dembele in their last group match at the Camp Nou. A combination of this and Inter who can not beat PSV Eindhoven have extended their journey into the main European competition. They finished second in Group B and drew Borussia Dortmund in the last 16.

While the Spurs worshipers could afford to breathe a sigh of relief after seeing their team survive the "Death Group", they must fear what a certain Jadon Sancho can do to their eliminating team.

Erik Lamela Lucas Moura Fernando Llorente Tottenham 2018

A quick introduction tells you that the eighteen year old is now established as a start and an important player for Dortmund. He has accumulated a goal and an assist in Europe this season, but his threat can not be quantified by simple numbers.

A spectacular dribble of the ball, Sancho can torment the Spurs' backbone on both legs. The main trait of English that distinguishes him from the regular group of talented young people is his strict control and incredible movement.

Dembele has exposed the weaknesses in the defense of the Spurs on the two legs in the group stages. Although the Sancho is not quite at their level, its style of play is similar to the Barcelona strikers. English relies on tight control and sudden bursts of acceleration to overcome the players. Jan Vertonghen and Toby Alderweireld were comfortably unlocked by a combination of rhythm and deception, as witnessed several times in the ti season.

Jadon Sancho Marco Reus

Jadon Sancho Marco Reus

Another arrow in the boy's quiver is his vision and incredible decision making.

Sancho also adapts to the profile of a player who likes to jump in big games. Some of his best performances in the Bundesliga came against teams like Bayern Munich, Borussia Monchengladbach and Bayer Leverkusen. The young man was crucial in recovering nine possible nine points against these teams.

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His combination with Marco Reus is another thing that the Spurs will have to keep an eye on. The two have developed a good relationship and seem to connect very well.

Reus could be the flag bearer of the dreaded Dortmund attack, but Sancho could be a real threat to Maurico Pochettino's team.

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