Video: Rudolph Ingram: The seven-year-old boy who is separated from Usain Bolt for only three seconds

Rudolph Ingram over the finish line.

With just seven years, Rudolph Ingram has become the new big promise of American athletics to beat the children's record in the 100 meter category: 13.48 seconds. Ingram lives in Tampa Bay (Florida, USA) and has more than 300,000 followers Instagramwhere you see him train and challenge adults. Moreover, the young Ingram is a model of fitness for children and plays football. He has already participated in two national tournaments, where he has won 36 medals, including 20 gold. The video's of their career have become viral thanks to the comfortable distance that competitors of their age need. In fact, there are already many people who compare him to Usain Bolt, owner of the world record in the 100 meters absolute, and of which Ingram is only 3 seconds away.