"We & # 39; re still alive": the rollercoaster ride of Duisburg in Berlin

MSV picks up the first point of the second competition era

Unlucky backlog, unexpected return, later setbacks: In short, a roller coaster ride with different innings for the MSV Duisburg on Friday night. Eventually, the zebra's got the first point of the season at 2: 2 in Berlin and set a historic false start. The MSV nevertheless left the capital with mixed feelings.

Cauly Oliveira Souza meets 1-1 against Union Berlin

Moment of Redemption: Cauly Oliveira Souza (left) scores the first goal of the season for MSV Duisburg on Matchday 5.

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"At the back of the goal to 2: 2, of course, annoying," said Captain Kevin Wolze, after Florian Hübner from Berlin had spoiled the first MSV victory of the season in injury time. In the past, however, it seemed that it would not have been an issue for a long time. In fact, Duisburg went looking for the residue of the American striker Akaki Gogia on a negative record in the German lower house. Never before has a team been spotless and winless in the first five games of the season.

Tor came in, gnarled bang

In the Alten Försterei the MSV had denied at least in the first round, although a good away match, had in the first third but again ignored Torgefahr and from the middle of the second round no longer gave the impression that the historic false start still prevented. "Compliment that my team still believed in itself" praised MSV coach Ilia Gruev at the press conference after the game. Even if the Brustlöser, the 1: 1 after 77 minutes, practically fell out of nowhere – favored by an unprecedented series of errors by the Berlin back team and dirty with the tibia completed by Cauly Oliveira Souza.

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A goal from the category "overvleugeld" – but only the first for the MSV this season. And like so often in football, he suddenly found out what the Duisburgern did not want to achieve in four games of the season: a neatly completed attack in the 83rd minute – completed by substitute Richard Sukuta-Pasu shortly after a good preparatory work of Oliveira Souza. "It's good that today the knot erupted and we finally had a positive experience again, we will continue to work and believe in ourselves," said the Brazilian, who was on his way to becoming a contest winner one day before his 23rd birthday, when Hübner scored a free kick from goalkeeper Rafel Gikiewicz from the half to 2: 2.

The conclusion of the participants nevertheless fell unanimously despite mixed feelings in the connection. "It was a small step in the right direction," Gruev said. His captain Wolze was pleased with a "huge reaction" from his team and fought himself: "We have shown that we are still alive."


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