We wait for the security decision before we send an official letter to the ...

10:18 PM

Friday, February 15, 2019

Written by Riham Hamdi:

A source within the Egyptian Football Association said Al-Gabaliya is waiting for an official letter from the security authorities to determine its position on the new changes recently made by the Competition Committee.

Source: "Masrawy" Why not send a formal letter to the Ahli administration about the new amendments: "So far we have not issued an official letter to a party waiting for the opinion of the security, or approval or rejection of the new amendments . "

The Egyptian Football Association had previously announced the match between Al Ahly and the Pyramids in the 16th Round of the Egyptian Cup on February 28 instead of competing for the confrontation, which was not decided yet.

In recent hours, Al Ahli's board of directors has issued an official statement in which the intervention of Ashraf Sobhi, Minister of Youth and Sport and Hisham Hatab, chairman of the Olympic Committee on the crisis of periodic changes.

It is worth noting that the board of Ahli, led by Mahmoud Khatib, announced that he was waiting for an official address about the changes to the ranking next to the dates of the Egypt Cup to determine his position.