Where is Mbappé compared to the top scorers from the history of the Blues

Let's say right away, the team in France has never known such a phenomenon of precocity. While he turns 20 in three months (December 20), Kylian Mbappé marks all the spirits in the blue sweater. On Sunday evening he took advantage of the party in the Stade de France to score his 9th goal against the Netherlands (2-1). In 24 selections. What should you imagine to eventually beat all records? If he continues like this, it is possible. It only needs to compare its statistics with those of the best scorers in the history of the Blues at the same age …

Henry was five years older

The observation is simple: among the members of the Top 10 only Karim Benzema had his first coat for his 20 years (19 years and 3 months), while Mbappé started with selection at 18 and 3 months. Thierry Henry, the number 1 with 51 goals in 123 caps, had to wait 20 years and 2 months to wear the blue jersey. And another seven months to open his desk during the 1998 World Cup. When he reached the 9-goal symbol, the former Arsenal idol was 24 years and 2 months old …

The same goes for Michel Platini, the nr. 2 with 41 goals in 72 selections. The triple Ballon d & # 39; Or (1983, 1984, 1985) marked in its first appearance with France, in March 1976, at 20 years and 9 months. To register his ninth goal at 22 years and 11 months. David Trezeguet, no. 3, is no better with a first appearance in January 1998, at 20 years and 3 months. And 9 goals on the clock at only 25 years and 6 months.

Far from the efficiency of Platini

Olivier Giroud, who arrived older in selection, achieved this total at 27 years and 10 months. While Zinedine Zidane, who celebrated his baptism in blue at 22 and 2 months (in August 1994), his 8th and 9th goal against Brazil scored in the final of the 1998 World Cup. At the age of 26.

In terms of efficiency, on the other hand, Mbappé It does not compete with the legends that preceded it. With a ratio of 0.37 goals per game, it is just below Giroud (0.38). But still far away from Platini (0.57), Papin (0.56), Trezeguet (0.47) or even Henry (0.41). Not to mention the untouchable Just Fontaine and his 30 goals in 21 selections in the 1950s (1.43 goals per game).