Which "Spartacus" has changed with Riancho. About the example of the competition with the "Rangers"

The home game of "Spartacus" with the "Rangers" turned out to be no less fun than the press conference Raul Riancho. In his conversations with the press, the acting head coach of the red-and-whites, in addition to the words about the rising sun and dreams, often touched on the tactics of his team.

"I will not be an assistant anymore." Riancho has won and wants to stay in Spartak

The Spanish coach admitted that, now if they are going to work as an assistant, then only for Guardiola.

In his opinion, the 4-3-3 schedule places the players correctly on the field and allows you to achieve a balance that Muscovites missed neither in the past nor in this season. The shoot-out with the bulkheads does not resemble the balance of attack and defense Riancho has stated, but at least some game moments have shown what the Spaniard is planning and wants to inspire Spartak.

Central midfielders in the role of insiders

"When the central defender throws the ball forward, the back-up defender becomes an extreme chav, the last defender becomes an insider and the insider becomes the ultimate defender," said Raul Riancho after defeating the bulkheads. In fact, the distribution of players' traffic without the ball was often different from Riancho's commentary (perhaps because of the unique interpretation of the insider's position by the Spaniard), but the specialist correctly conveyed the essence of the Spartak positional attack. In the match with the "Rangers", the Muscovites pushed the ball more diverse than in previous matches. The team used different options for developing positional attacks.

1) Saturation of the middle zone with the formation of three narrow triangles on another side of the field. After the passage of the first printing line of the Scots in the left poluflang, Hanni moved, and as a rule Popov fell as a rule. As a result, the 5vs3 situation was created in the middle vertical zone of the field with the triangle Fernando-Zobnin-Hanni and the two bundles at the entrance of the last third of Zobnin-Hanni-Eremenko, Eremenko-Hanni-Adriano, who start the attack. At the moment Eremenko went wide on the flank, while Rasskaz stayed in the depth to ensure the high location of partners.

"There must be three factors: depth, breadth and footballer in the middle, these three factors must be observed across the entire width of the field," Raoul Riancho added at the press conference after the game. Because of such an organization of positional property, this principle of the Riancho game was respected.

2) Tempo transition to the last third by the overload of one of the flanks and the discharge of the middle zone. Reached by displacement Zobnina or Eremenko on the flank. After a short draw from the central midfielder with full back, one of the players was released and the ball placed the third in the middle of the field. The third was as a rule Fernando, who brought the ball to the other side of the field or escalated the attack with a transfer to Adriano.

3) Fullback exemption from custody due to false insider and central midfielder opening. Most likely what Riancho was talking about. Similarly, Spartak fell mainly through the right flank. At the beginning of the attack, Popov plunged into the depths, Eremenko moved to his position and the opening between the lines took the extreme defender of the Scots, who eventually ended up in a situation of double divisions. On the free Rasskazova there was a diagonal for a shed or a battle.

4) False opening of an insider and a long throw under the jerk of an extreme central midfielder from the depths. The most working option to go on the attack this season for "Spartacus." There is nothing new here, except that Zobnin, instead of Zobnin, was more actively involved in the attacks, but Eremenko.

The pressure plan of Rangers failed

Home match with the Scots – one of the easiest races this season for "Spartacus" in terms of the onset of attacks. Without the ball, the Rangers were 4-4-2 and, like the other Spartak rivals, personally took care of Fernando. Riancho reacted almost immediately to the game for the Brazilian. Already in the middle of the first half Fernando began to sink in the depth between the central defenders and form a Spartak-line with three players behind the ball. Now the Brazilian almost did not start the attack of his team, but by luring someone from a few attacking opponents, he made room for Kutepov or Bokketti, while he himself rose higher as soon as the first pressure line of the Scots was passed by the team .

Steven Gerrard did not respond to the failed pressure of his team and did not change the structure of his team's position defense, so Spartak regularly launched attacks on almost eight rival field players. The head coach of the Rangers was generally weak in the role of match manager. Flank transitions from "Spartacus" and the lost selection Gerrard only tried to stop halfway the second half and fell into the support zone of Coulibaly and continued without the ball to the 4-1-4-1 schedule. By that time, "Spartacus" already led 4: 3.

Abnormal implementation of the Rangers due to imbalance

Despite all the words of Riancho and the beautiful victory of "Spartak", there is still no balance found. First of all, this is reflected in the defensive actions of the team. The problems are the same as in Carrera. "Spartak" continues to play with the triangle of the central midfielders apex down, that is, virtually no net destroyer, given the orientation of Fernando to the ball zone. As a result, any irregular Brazilian movement or a failed attempt to read the game exposes an enormous zone for the last line of defense.

Another problem is the incorrect arrangement of Spartak players in the middle block. Without the ball, "Spartak" switched to 4-5-1 schedule and made the same mistake. The midfield was not only too high apart from the defenders, but also formed a horizontal line. As a result, the partners did not assure each other.

No game, but madness! "Spartak" even managed to win with a yard defense

4-3-3 on the field, 4: 3 on the scoreboard – and the second place in the group. Red and white still live.

Scots easily passed the saturated center of a field through casts and rebounds of disputable balls. The situation corrected the replacement of Riancho in the second half. Denis Glushakov entered the field more angry than usual and did not just work in the pressure. The team captain also finished the episodes in his third of the field and put out a fight in the left semi-flange. Strangely enough, Denis was more useful in the defense against the Rangers than in the attack.

Short about what else is important

– Very high-quality game without ball from Hanni and Eremenko. The novel was more remembered by shocks from the depth and false openings under the shocks of Rasskazov. Algerian not only shifted to the center of free space, but also disciplined Glushakov insisted when Spartak took the lead.

Europa League is dragging Russia into the odds chart of UEFA

We will compensate everything that we lose on Tuesday and Wednesday.

– "Rangers" hit 3 shots on goal, but did not score all he had. Several times the bulkheads were close to the next scoring success. The reason for the frequent mistakes Maksimenko. The goalkeeper spent the match very uncertain, especially when he played on the outs. Alexander is a talented player, but his form at the beginning of the season should not be overestimated. Grow exactly where.

– The failed games of Bocchetti in the home area instead of Fernando transferred the poor form of the Italian to his birthplace. Salvatore was good at pushing the ball forward, but made the biggest mistakes on the open balls, one of which led to a goal against the Muscovites.

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