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Liverpool Although has the competition guide Manchester City but the "Citizens" have played one more game and are only due to the better goal-ratio for the Jürgen Klopp team.

Headline shrunk sharply, but …

Moreover, the "crisis" of Liverpool – Measured by the shrunk lead, which had had seven points at the turn of the year – quite measurable, but with a return of eight points from the last four matches, it could still be much bigger.

With such a strong competitor as the defending champion Manchester you can get two draws in a row like the last one Leicester City and West Ham United Apparently not allow.

Almost every shot is a counterattack

Worrying than the results are other things. First, the playful form – especially against it West Ham On the other hand, the frightening defensive statistics: Seven of the only 15 league games fell in the five games since the turn of the year – with only eleven shots on the gate of the "Reds",

Goalkeeper-newcomer Alisson Becker is – so far as the chances of balls in hand – the worst Premier League goalkeeper with at least three matches of this calendar year.

This is playing songs and a conclusion that obviously does not match reality. The number of errors in the Liverpools Defensive and its effects are actually problematic. against West Ham Naby Keita missed the situation that led to the goal. Especially in the summer for a lot of money comes from Leipzig midfielder more and more criticism.

Lost top game as a starting point?

Of the five goals that they have allowed in the past three games, three fell into a set-piece situation and another goal came from a passing edge – they are "small" errors in the classification, lack of concentration, what can be done have with fluttering nerves.

The slight downward trend started in the league-defeat Manchester City At the beginning of the year, which was a bit unfortunate: an aluminum goal, once the goal line technique had to prove that a shot was not behind the line, plus other good opportunities.

Maybe the "Reds"think like the"citizens"Three points closer." 29 years after the last championship so far, it seems the desired goal is within reach throughout the whole environment – and then you lose the top match against the worst rival that suddenly comes a giant step closer.

Nervous flutter?

The elusive "naturalness" is it Liverpool Game is currently disabled. At the back, concentration errors creep in and at the front – with the exception of Sadio Mané – almost all actors in Esprit have disappeared. Club icon Jamie Carragher did not want to justify this with fluttering nerves.

The former middle back, however, sees the danger that the speculation about the "red" nerve suit ultimately ultimately influences it. The season is still long, possibly decisive in the title race, who is how far in the Champions League, so Carragher. "It does not matter what people say – it does not matter if it's the nerves, just bad games or something else, the only way to stop it is to win Bournemouth Win in a convincing way, they can at least stop this conversation. "

Bournemouth game shows the way

Actually waiting for the "Reds"after the Bournemouth-Spiel on Saturday (09.02.2019) a break of ten days, before it in the Champions League against Bayern Munich and then in the league against the resurgent Manchester United is going. In this break there is some time to re-adjust, because the Klopp elves of the FA Cup already eliminated. But also time to think. The game against Bournemouth could really be trendsetting.

Date: 08.02.2019, 09:50

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