10 reasons why Apex Legends is better than other Royal Battles

10 reasons why Apex Legends is better than other Royal Battles

After an unexpected version that was discovered a few hours earlier, thanks to several leaks, Respawn Studio together with his new brainchild, Apex legends, was insanely discussed in the world of the gaming industry.

The developers also decided to keep the bar and released their version of the "royal fight". It's free, the progress is not built around Luthboxes, and it replaces the expected with a lot Titanfall 3.

The developers also acknowledged that the decision to make such a project was caused by one reason – to make money. And even despite that Apex legends has little to do with the universe TitanfallIn the style of the "Royal Struggle", such a project looks like a relief. The game makes its own adaptations to the main similarities of the genre, while it does not resemble one of the three most important, at present, representatives of the genre – eclipse. PUBG or Fortnite.

Nevertheless, the main competitor of the game is considered to be Black ops 4, And late Apex legends has already succeeded in making fans forget eclipse. In this article I will talk about comparing two games and why Apex legends exceeds Black ops 4. However, all points can easily be applied to the rest of the games of the genre.


Despite the fact that the Valve engine, the Source Engine, is already a bit old, especially against the background of modern game engines, such as Frostbite, Apex legends still looks great without exaggeration. Many of the games of the Battle Royale genre, due to their size and scale, do not look very nice. When carefully considered, the textures look outdated and the overall quality is not pleasant at all.

Partly can be said about this Apex legendsbut the developers have clearly done their best with the tools they had at their disposal, creating a visually rich environment for the players. Artistic design is certainly like Borderlandsbut Respawn has added something from it Titanfall. It turned out to be a mix.

From deserts built on the ridges of gigantic skeletons to lush sci-fi green. On his turn eclipseOn the contrary, there is nothing that can really mask the deterioration of the visual effects of the conventional multiplayer mode. Call of duty. It is pretty colorful, but the environment is indescribable due to marshy buildings, sheds and transport containers – even if it combines pieces of maps from many earlier parts Call of duty.


What is more important than the visual effects, however, is the clear personality that flows through every aspect of the characters, places and locations. Apex legends. The characters themselves are different and memorable, they are not only determined by their weapons and skills, but also by unique external characteristics, characteristics and roles.


Even now, games in the Battle Royal genre mainly focus on the useless time between skirmishes, not the fights themselves. Jumping on a big map and having to stand up for yourself, finding resources and weapons all the time so that you are not immediately embarrassed by someone who accidentally landed near the rocket launcher, would offer a unique game cycle that was originally incredibly innovative.

When each impersonator uses the same system and forces the players to search for the same weapon in the same places, it is quickly eliminated. At first sight Apex legends same problem, and you still spend time searching for the best equipment, the biggest difference in how it is done.

You are no longer looking for something in the same room, but open the containers and immediately get satisfaction from the fact that a purple gun comes from a futuristic box. It sounds rather foolish, but it is a sort of audiovisual satisfaction that the extraction system has made Borderlands so much fun, and there is a reason why so many color shooters coordinate their subjects equally.

Games like Fortnitealso rely on this style, but the mining system eclipse remains as soft as before.


the Apex legends The developers made a rather ambiguous decision and forced the player to constantly play with two other teammates, but they made it as efficient and fun as possible using the Ping system.

Although at present the best communication solution is a microphone, not everyone likes to talk to random people online, and this random system helps your team respond to the height of the fight. By pressing a button, you can select the weapon, armor, enemies or locations you want to continue, while your in-game character will shout the corresponding cue for more clarity.

A good signal gives your team the feeling that it is a cohesive team, not a group of random people. Visual detailing also makes it easy to change tactics during the flight, and the ability to "ping" vital information, such as the location of the enemy, keeping the lines of communication open without actually being forced to speak verbally.


Fortunately, the combination of two different subgenres of a multiplayer game is more than a way to attract two different target groups using one game, especially for Electronic Arts. But this is the essential way Respawn Studio has added more tactical depth to the gaming experience. Apex legends. Now not every player starts with one playing field, because the choice of a hero is an integral part of the approach that you and your team take to each match.

Each of the players can of course still be strong, but every hero, or & # 39; Legend & # 39 ;, as the name of the game says, is clearly meant to be part of a whole. They are closer to operators Rainbow Six: Siegethen to Black ops 4, which means that players can master many different game styles.

Games Battle Royal have a bit of a long life or the fact that you progress while you play, but if you study each of these classes, you should be encouraged more to participate in competitions. Apex legends.


One of the biggest disappointments in the games of the royal combat genre is the amount of downtime, in other words forced inactivity. You do not only spend the majority of your time robbing and preparing for a fight that can end in front of you in seconds, and you are immediately thrown back into the lobby and have to wait to enter another game to start all over again. .

In fact, it is a reward for the risk of this type of experience, but in Apex legends There is a feature that makes the game a bit more bearable: the ability to revive dead teammates. While you can pick up friends stabbed with other games, with Respawn you can bring the dead back to life. When a teammate dies, you can grab his banner, take him to the nearest recovery point and take him to battle.

This not only encourages teamwork, but also creates extra tension in the fight. It takes some time to revive their partners and reach the point of rebirth. Do not forget the fear, because the player is clearly exposed to danger. There is nothing like that Black ops 4 definitely not.


While in eclipse and in general in the series Call of duty "Time to kill" is according to the scheme, "who first discovered the enemy, he survived the fight," in Apex legends in such situations, the chance of survival is present in everyone. Yes, the game is not far in this plan Black ops 4It does not matter how well-equipped the player is who you are dealing with.

With a system of shields, and then with the usual amount of health, you need good shots before you fall, and you have the opportunity to swap shots with your enemy, in turn defensive and offensive. Healing is no longer something that can only be achieved between skirmishes (if you survive), but there is an option in the fight itself.

MAP BALANCES far and near battle

Possibly too early to assess the extensive environment. Apex legends in its entirety, but until now it seems more compact and purposefully developed than the typical map of the next Battle Royale project. Different areas, as mentioned before, offer many different visual influences in one game room, naturally, aesthetically pleasing, but the level design also facilitates the balance between game styles.

It is a joke that the winners of the "royal battles" matches only do their camping in the bushes and select unsuspecting enemies from a distance. The most visible part of the battle Apex legends – this is how little you can rely on a clean line of sight to kill your enemies.

Despite the fact that it can not be the same as a regular multiplayer card, Arena of Legends certainly has the feeling that the developer is closest to replicating this stream. This is not just a space, but a constant combination of remote zones and closer zones, which make us switch.


The biggest difference between Apex legends with one of his competitors is how he forces you to become a team of three people. Although this undoubtedly drives away players who are used to playing "alone", in fact this is the best solution that Respawn could make. Although there are team modes in other Battle Royal games, this experience is definitely not suitable for them. They can still be fun, but these names are specially designed to give you pleasure, whether you're a team player or not.

On the other hand Apex legends would have felt much worse if there had not been such a teamwork. The way the characters are set makes their sets of strength and unique skills useless if they are not supported by other players, and communicating with three other enemies guarantees a dramatic fire exchange, even if this is the first and last for the game. And of course this ensures that you always have a chance to be reborn and return to the game without leaving the game.

These are more subtle changes that allow you to experience a new experience. The way you combine when you log into the system and the subtle use of "ping", even helps the team play and rebound. You do not wander aimlessly, search passively for objects and hope that nobody stumbles you, but wander like a strong division through the desert and actively look to fight.


Biggest problem Black ops 4 and his regime eclipse lies in the fact that the game all the time refers to earlier games in the series Call of duty and "copying past" shooting technique, which has not changed over the years. Of course, skirmishes with other players can cause a wave of adrenaline, but they only remind you of how good even the basic experience of Team Deathmatch is in a game, but this is clearly not enough for a confident game in the & # 39; royal fight & # 39 ;.

Apex legendsin turn, fundamentally feels different than Titanfall in the sense that it does not cause feelings of sadness and boredom. Despite the fact that Apex legendsand Titanfall – one universe, and both projects are similar, at least with the mechanics of shooting, they are still different from each other when it comes to how you actually play these games. The absence of running on the walls or the Titans, other skills and weapons, but also concentration on the team game and an increase in the "time to kill" offers a new gameplay, which you can hardly find in Titanfall.

In that sense Apex legends it feels like a completely new, unique experience, and not as a by-product that looks and is played without any interest.