30 euros for a free game: Warner Bros. will sell Fortnite in physical version

Epic Games has worked with Warner Bros. to bring a Fortnite box to the market, although the game is free. In return, players receive special outfits for their character and virtual currency.

On 15 November it is possible to spend 29.99 euros on the purchase of a physical version of the Battle Royale mode of Fortnite on PlayStation 4, Xbox One and Switch. The same mode that can be downloaded for free from PlayStation Store, Xbox Live Marketplace and eShop. With what purpose?

We clearly see a commercial opportunism, fruit of an association between Epic Games, a studio that has developed Fortniteand Warner Bros. Entertainment, responsible for distribution. They had to see that some fans were willing to deposit several hundred dollars to get the first physical versions of the game (now expired).

Fortnite: Eternal Cold Pack // Source: Epic Gams

Eternal Cold Pack

Epic Games and Warner Bros. Entertainment will still try to justify the price of a baptized edition Fortnite: Eternal Cold Pack because of the presence of the package of the same name in the box. It is also available for download platforms (at an unspecified price) and includes the Arctic Pilot outfit, the Polar Bag backpack, the Freezer Pick and the Cold Front Glider. To these innumerable cosmetic items is added 1,000 V-Bucks in virtual currency (9.99 euros equivalence), enough to buy a Combat Pass.

Warner Bros. confirmed to Numerama that there will be a disk for this price, but only for Xbox One players …

This will allow on arrival Fortnite to offer a beautiful exhibition on the shelves as the holiday approaches the end of the year, and the Switch package is already available.

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