6 improvements that we would like to see in the Apple Pencil 2

6 improvements that we would like to see in the Apple Pencil 2

YOU might be excited about the new rumors falling for the upcoming iPad Pro refresh, but I'm drooling over the crumbs of information about the next Apple pencil. To be honest, they do not really add to that: Monday's report of 9to5Mac mainly claimed that the following stylus is easier to connect with an iPad, as we see with the AirPods and HomePod. That's cool and everything, but the more I think about it, the more I'm surprised that this feature was not present at the launch.

It does not surprise me that the details are so small. The Apple Pencil is already almost perfect. The weight is perfect. It comes closer to translating the feel of a real pen or pencil than any other stylus I've used. I feel like I'm creating something, instead of just using a tool for input.

And yet I know that there is still room for improvement. I've been using the Apple pencil for over a year pretty steadily, and these are the features that I would most like to see.

A more elegant charging method

I am not so much an enemy of the current method of recharging the Apple Pencil as you might think. Certainly, sticking the Apple Pencil into the iPad's lighting port makes the whole installation look like a hand fan with $ 500 southern churches, but it also obscures the need to carry a cord (provided the iPad itself is charged). It also avoids design complications that would ruin that wonderful weight. And anyway, just like the Magic Mouse, the Apple Pencil loads super fast, so you do not have to keep it that long.

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