A10 Warthog to get a radical 3D audio system

It is the ugliest plane in the arsenal of the air force.

The A-10, often called a warthog, was designed to destroy Soviet tanks and troops on the ground.

Officially the Thunderbolt II, it soon got the nickname Warthog because of its unusual appearance,

It was specially designed around its main weapon, a 30mm cannon that fires 4,000 rounds per minute.

The plane can fly low and slow, come down to 50ft to shoot on bombs or drop on enemy positions.

The top speed is just above 400 mph but it can go as slow as 150 mph and & # 39; hang around & # 39; for hours above targets, making it an effective deterrent, as well as an attack plane.

The Warthog is covered with 1,200 lbs of titanium armor, making it invulnerable for attacks of anything but heavy weapons.

Even when hit, it is designed to fly home with one engine, with no tail fin and half wing.

On board the single-seater, the pilot has the gun, which is up to 4000 ft accurate and fires depleted uranium traps, as well as Maverick air-to-surface missiles, 500 lb free fall bombs and Hydra air-launched missiles.

Despite the USAF's attempts to retire the fleet, it is expected that it will continue to be in service with the 2020 & # 39; s.

In a phase in which the Air Force proposed to retire more than 300 A-10 & # 39; s, the army indicated that it would take over because soldiers are so enthusiastic about the possibilities for close support.