Amazon Develops a new games streaming service to compete with Microsoft and Google

Not to be overtaken by its FAANG and other technology competitors, it seems that Amazon is secretly developing a games streaming service. It looks set to compete with Microsoft and Google with instant video games hosted on powerful servers.

Cloud-based games, which nullify the need for downloads or game cards, could be one of the next major advances in the gaming industry.

Google and Microsoft are already in the game

The Google Project Steam cloud gaming service is currently in beta testing without news of a full official launch. For Google, it will be as easy as opening a Chrome tab to play your favorite game.

Microsoft unveiled its xCloud project in October 2018. It will be available for public tests in 2019 and will run on consoles and PCs.

Reportedly, Amazon is already negotiating with publishers, but will not launch its service until 2020. The news comes from sources simply called "two information on the plans" that revealed the development of The Information.

There have not yet been any official announcements from Amazon. Other reports have found that Amazon is hiring engineers in Seattle and California to work on "cloud games". A description of the job that reveals the opportunity involves creating a "business of unannounced AAA games".

An industry is worth $ 20.28 billion

Amazon already has a powerful cloud server infrastructure in Amazon Web Services. Thus, an Amazon service for streaming games is a sensible addition to its broad portfolio of technologies. It also owns the Twitch video streaming platform, very popular among players.

Obviously, Amazon's Twitch is already competing with Google's YouTube and now the rivalry between the major players in the technology could be very interesting. By 2020 the video game industry in the United States will estimate an estimated value of 20.28 billion dollars.

With today's trading closed on the Nasdaq, it is a 'wait and see if the price of Amazon shares will be positively affected by the news.

FAANG and Microsoft Share performance (Facebook: blue, Amazon: red, Apple: orange, Netflix: yellow, Google: green, Microsoft: bright green) last six months. Source: TradingView

After a weak and volatile last quarter of 2018 for technology stocks, there seems to be some breakout in the FAANG and in the price of Microsoft stocks and in the battle of corporate value. Apple's stock has plummeted over revisions to sales forecasts and revealed production cuts. However, Apple's share price has begun to recover. Netflix has had a long winning streak 2019 so far.

We could not yet hear Jeff Bezos of Amazon on development. The Bezos divorce hit the press this week and could lead to the largest divorce agreement in the world.

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