Amazon inks agree to sell new Apple products such as iPhone XR, iPhone XS and 2018 iPad Pro

Amazon and Apple have agreed that Amazon will sell a vast selection of iPhone, iPad, Mac and Apple Watch devices through its online storefronts in the United States, the UK, France, Germany, Italy, Spain, Japan and India. reports CNET.

In the near future, Amazon will offer its customers the latest devices from Apple, including the new 2018 iPad Pro models, the iPhone XR, the iPhone XS and XS Max, Apple Watch Series 4 models, the 2018 Mac mini and a selection of Beats headphones. The products are available through Apple authorized resellers on the Amazon marketplace.

Certain Apple products are not included on the Amazon site, such as the HomePod, which competes directly with Amazon's range of Echo devices.

In a statement to CNETAmazon said it has added Apple products because it is always focused on improving the customer experience.

"Amazon is constantly working to improve the customer experience, and one of the ways we do this is through the selection of products that we know customers want to increase," said Amazon spokesperson on Friday morning in a statement. "We look forward to expanding our range of Apple and Beats products worldwide."

At the moment many Apple products are not available on the Amazon site or are sold through unreliable third party vendors on the market at non-standard prices. With the new agreement, Apple devices are available at regular sales prices.

Independent vendors who offer new and used Apple products on Amazon will be removed under the new deal after January 4, 2019. Those vendors must submit an application to become Apple-authorized resellers of Amazon to continue offering their merchandise.

As CNET points out that this deal will provide customers with access to a larger selection of Apple products at standard prices, but may have an impact on the market for used Apple devices on the platform.

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