AMD card test Radeon VII: a second youth for Vega thanks to 7 nm? -

Announced with a lot of tamtam at the last CES, the Radeon VII will be a fact during the week. In the spirit of AMD, this new tip is a high-end answer and well felt at the arrival of the RTX cards of the competition. In fact, it is important to recognize that we remain more than nuanced about the chances of shine of this Radeon VII.

Firstly because the architecture on which the rest does not seem to differ. Again, we can criticize NVIDIA's pricing policy, as well as the real, practical range of new technologies such as DLSS processing or ray tracing. On the other hand, we can not deny that the will to innovate was present at the launch of Turing. The same can not be said of a card that continues to benefit from an aging Vega architecture, while the latter has already proven its limits to Pascal..

There is, of course, some benefit to be expected on the part of the fineness of the engraving, which passes 7nm, but with considerable frequency increases there is little hope in the field of energy efficiency.… And that was the big thorn in Vega's foot when it was introduced. So with some doubt, but still a bit of hope, we welcomed the small news from the Radeon family for an intensive test session. Note that with an announced price of € 739, the Radeon Vega VII addresses the gap between RTX 2070 and 2080. A whole program then.

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