Android users now need to back up their Whatsapp data

  • On 12 November, WhatsApp will change the backup rules for Android users.
  • Backups will be removed in the future if they have not been updated for more than a year.
  • Scammers are currently trying to drag users away in the name of the changes.

If you find that your last backup in WhatsApp was more than a year ago, manually back up your data for Monday, November 12. Otherwise it may happen that photos & videos and videos that have been sent via the messenger have been lost.

What will change on November 12?

WhatsApp changes its rules for storing backups of chat history, photos & videos & # 39; s. However, this only affects Android users whose backups are stored in Google Drive. These should take a look at the WhatsApp settings before the deadline. For old backups, which are more than a year ago, they will be removed from the online store from 12 November. The change has an advantage for users: the backup data was previously deducted from the cloud's storage quota. Free users up to 15 gigabytes are available. In the future whatsapp backups will no longer take away storage space.

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What should Android users do now?

With the WhatsApp settings it is easy to see when the last backup of the chat history has been saved and how much data has been saved. To do this, users in the settings of the app tap on the "Chats" field, then on the "Chat Backup" field. Users can also set how often WhatsApp has to back up the data and under which Google account. Manual data storage is also possible in the settings via the "Save" button.

How complex is the backup?

There are only a few clicks for the user, WhatsApp does the rest. However, it may take some time to back up many photos & videos & # 39; s. A backup can take several gigabytes of storage space. Users must therefore allow enough time before the deadline. If you want to ensure that storage works without problems, your smartphone must be connected to the charging cable. To save the mobile data volume, it is also recommended to connect the phone to a WiFi network.

Does the backup of the chat history cost anything?

No. Whatsapp membership and backup in Google Drive are free.

Scammers, however, make clear use of possible confusion about the change to the rule. This is reported online by the Tech portal Heise. The scammers send e-mails with the subject "payment reminder" and suggest that the WhatsApp account of the recipient has expired. This would also cause photos & videos to be lost – unless the recipient paid EUR 59 (so-called for a one-year membership) or EUR 399 (the "forever membership"). Anyone who clicks on a link in the e-mail will be redirected to Paypal. Users who have already paid money to these scammers should contact Paypal.

In general, even authentic payment requests by e-mail must only be paid if the reason for payment and biller is known. Fraudulent e-mails are often due to misspellings or oblique phrases.

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