Apple & # 39; s iPhone XR: the reasonable choice

Apple & # 39; s iPhone XR: the reasonable choice

Apple has announced the trio of new iPhones on Wednesday and I have been asked by several readers and close friends: "Which iPhone will I get?" Or "Is the iPhone XS really valued at $ 250 more than the iPhone XR? "

After some deliberation, I decided that the iPhone XR is the most reasonable answer. Let me explain.

If we look at Apple's device comparison site, it is clear that these two devices are almost identical. The iPhone XR and iPhone XS use the same processor, the A12 Bionic, have the same Neural Engine and use Face ID to unlock the phone and make purchases.

The XR has a water resistance rating of IP67, with an IP68 rating for the iPhone XS. That translates into a difference of survival that is submerged at a depth of 1 meter for the XR versus 2 meters for the XS.

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