Apple A13: still unique supplier of the TSMC iPhone processors in 2019

Apple A13: still unique supplier of the TSMC iPhone processors in 2019

After sharing a time production SoC Apple mobile devices with Samsung at the junction of 16/14 nm combustion, the Taiwanese foundry TSMC has established itself as a producer of the mobile chips of the Californian giant, with the certainty of producing tens of millions of components.

By the first a capacity of engraving in 7 nm, without first going through EUV lithography (Extreme Ultra Violet) on which Samsung offers to offer optimized 7 nm engravings, TSMC has excited the actors (and who has the means) to continue quickly with this engraving of this button finer this year.

Competitor Samsung could offer its own 7nm engraving technology next year, but the site Digitimes reports that TSMC remains the only Apple supplier for SoC production Apple A13 expected in the iPhone in 2019, the renewal of an exclusive relationship started in 2016.

This should allow us to move closer to a huge 60% market share in the founders' segment next year, mainly because it also records the orders of major players such as AMD (the next generations of processors) Ryzen, Epyc and GPU Radeon), Huawei ( SoC Kirin 980), MediaTek, Nvidia and Qualcomm.

As his packaging technique InFo (Integrated fan-out) made it possible to benefit from 7-nm etching in 2018 and with good performance TSMC is actively working on etching in 7 nm EUV, probably finished in 2019.

between GLOBALFOUNDRIES who no longer intends to focus on 7nm etching to focus on 12nm opportunities and Samsung, whose initial low etching yield of 7nm EUV has penalized market access by limiting its customers to Qualcomm and Samsung Electronics, TSMC has a great opportunity to increase its market share and take full advantage of the novelty of the 7 nm engraving.


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