Apple is trying to get rid of "espionage" applications -

Apple demanded that application developers stop using systems that register the activities of iPhone users without consulting them, under penalty of withdrawal from their online activities, the TechCrunch site reported on Friday.

The conditions and use of the App Store, the online trade in Apple applications, "requires the & # 39; apps & # 39; to demand the authorization of the users and to report them clearly and visibly when they are recorded or (.. .) maintaining "some of its activities," Apple said in a statement cited by the electronic publication that specializes in technologies.

If the developers do not end these practices or warn users about it, their applications will be removed from the App Store, the iPhone manufacturer, who often criticized his competitors, mainly Facebook, said for not protecting personal data.

Apple has not responded to the AFP's questions.

According to TechCrunch, some applications register the activities of users without asking permission. Appointment between them to the travel site Expedia and the clothing chain Hollister.

"Although the sensitive data are apparently hidden – such as the passport number or bank card number – some have been leaked," according to the online magazine.

These "apps" use a computer code designed by the specialized company Glassbox, which records the activity of a person using the application.

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