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Not only the large computer brands find it important to be present with their own stores. In the Grand Arcade in Cambridge, United Kingdom, a store has been created that completely revolves around the small Raspberry Pi and offers plenty of accessories and merchandise in addition to the minicomputers.

The computer was originally developed by the Raspberry Pi Foundation as a basis for technical education. Adolescents should be given the opportunity to use fully functional hardware and to program them for different purposes, even at low cost. The system was also quickly picked up by various hobbyists, artists and other users to equip different projects with an electronic unit.
Raspberry Pi: The StoreAs with the big …
Raspberry Pi: The Store… only with very small computersMeanwhile, the Raspberry Pi is offered in different variations, each optimized for different purposes. There are also various accessories such as small touchscreen displays. The production of the hardware does not take place at the foundation itself, but at various partner companies, which also offer suitable extensions.

Find new users

So far, according to the Foundation, about 19 million Raspberry Pi have been sold. The store in a classic shopping center will now open new buyer gifts. Because the previous users are usually already familiar with the possibilities of the mini-computer. In the company, however, it is now possible to make the computer known to new people and also to show them usage options.

In this respect it is not just about hardware trading, but especially about showroom. Perhaps the amateur hobby will discover opportunities to arrange his plant annealing with his own building, or the modeling group will soon have his dwarf run with computer working. Or you just get a nice new cup.

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Shop, raspberry pi, shop
Shop, raspberry pi, shop
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