Apple will unveil a new series of iPhone "low cost"

Apple will unveil a new series of iPhone "low cost"

Apple will unveil a new series of smartphones and according to the leaks three new iPhones will be presented today. In the beginning there is no major innovation, but Apple likes to make real product releases from these product releases. Because the iPhone represents between 50% and 66% of the brand's revenue, if only by the unit's sales per unit. The iPhone is the cash cow of Apple, making it the gateway to other income, explained Nicolas van Zeebroeck, professor of digital economy at Solvay.

"The iPhone is, of course, the gateway to an ecosystem that is Apple's ecosystem, and these ecosystems today are ecosystems, of which the telephone terminal is absolutely vital for the consumer to maintain that." Priority link with the customer, it allows for very to sell some support services. " The smartphone has become the hub of all services in the Apple ecosystem and is therefore the ideal tool for the consumer. Hence an evolution in the design and its dimensions. Our smartphones are getting bigger and bigger, and one of the iPhone shown today is expected to be six and a half inches, that is, a 16 cm diagonal screen.

Extend the range to lower prices, a risk?

The price of the iPhone X had marked the ghosts that were well above 1000. Today a model for 700-900 € should be presented, some speak of "low cost" of the iPhone. For Nicolas van Zeebroeck, this expansion of the range with a smartphone back to less than 1000 euros, it is actually a double risk for Apple. "The first reason is that when you add new models in a series like this, you increase the potential confusion. And that is good, because we will let every customer pay the maximum price for his phone, but it becomes more difficult to read and find the full range. The second risk is that if you can stretch the range down slightly, because they already want to suggest it, it is that there is a risk that it contradicts the high-end image that Apple has been feeding and maintaining for years. "

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