Apple will update smartphones to lift a ban on sales in Germany - Mobile review

Apple has managed to find a way to lift the ban on the sale of smartphones iPhone 7 and iPhone 8, as well as their Plus versions imposed by the German court. It turned out that these devices were banned because of a patent infringement by Qualcomm. They use the packet tracking technology, which allows you to change the power of the radio transmitter in real time, reducing radiation and energy consumption. The technology was introduced in 2013 and is used by Apple, starting with the iPhone 6 model. The problem is that, in addition to the chips from Qualcomm itself, these devices were sold on the German market with chips from Intel and Qorvo, which also used Packet Tracking, but not Qualcomm licenses. Now Apple will release an update that disables this software function, after which smartphones can be brought back to the market. It takes about four weeks.

It should be noted that this violation was not only noted by the German judge. Qualcomm representatives were also listed in the United States and in China with a comparable trial. A US court found a violation, but refused to ban the sale, arguing that this caused too much damage to the competition from smartphones on the market. In China, Apple still appeals, but in view of the comprehensive trade war, it is difficult to count on successful actions unless the political will of the two countries' authorities is present.

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