Astronomical research: a total lunar eclipse of the moon, which lasts 63 minutes - the seventh day

The world is witnessing a full sunrise, lasting an hour and three minutes, to be seen in the regions where the moon is present, including the Middle East, Europe, Africa, North and South America, the most of eastern Russia, most of Oceania and the Pacific.).

The solar research laboratory revealed in a report that the phases of the total solar eclipse are from the beginning to the end half-dark, partial, macro, partial, semi-shade, since the moon enters the shadow zone of the earth and then disappears again about three hours and seventeen minutes, And this is the time period that is important because the viewer can see the phases of the eclipse with the naked eye, because he can not see the events of the semi-shadow with the naked eye.

The report pointed out that the phases of the eclipse are all occurring, because the moon is associated with the shadow of the earth and then again the area of ​​the shadow of the earth and then the area of ​​the partial shadow enters and the enchantment completely ends, during about 5 hours and 15 minutes.

It is noteworthy that this lunar eclipse occurs two weeks after the partial eclipse occurred on 6 January 2019, and will be followed in the second half of this year the second eclipse on the twenty-ninth of the month Shawwal 1440 corresponding to the second July and will not be seen in the air of the Arab world.


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