Basketball in the United Kingdom: Twitter reactions to Kentucky vs, Vanderbilt 2019

The Kentucky Wildcats get the number two of the conference in a defensive slugfest against the Vanderbilt Commodores, with only 103 points combined in the game. Kentucky was led by two players in the second half, scoring their lowest value in the first half of this season. The Wildcats would have equaled that point in the second half for their best result in the season with 56 points.

Ashton Hagans, once again, was the player of the game, scoring 15 points with 4 rebounds and 4 assists. A negative aspect of the game, however, is that Tyler Herro, Reid Travis and P.J Washington combined 12 points for the night despite having played for over 30 minutes.

Normally we complain about the defense of this Kentucky team, but tonight was the offense that seemed to have never seen a defensive zone in their history of playing organized basketball. The Wildcats simply did not know what to do against it and they gave a lot of team film to play against them.

But despite the bad performance, a victory is a victory. Especially in conferences. Here's what social media have to say:

* Tonight there were a lot of groins at Rupp *

But the best tweet arrived before today: